BMW ActiveE Drivers Average 38.5 Miles Per Day; Some Nearly 100 Miles Daily


Back in January 2012, participants in the BMW ActiveE trial began taking delivery of their electrified Bimmers on both the East and West Coasts of the US.

BMW ActiveE

BMW ActiveE

Since that time, ActiveE drivers have racked up some 6-plus million miles, which is well documented in this post on BMW’s “Electronaut Effect.”

Even though BMW’s official site is rather comprehensive, we’d thought it’d be worthwhile to share some additional information on the ActiveE trial results from a site called Wotnogas.

This site is simply a compilation of data from some of the 700 ActiveE drivers in the US.

All we’d like to point out from this data is that the average ActiveE lessee in this limited group drives roughly 38.5 miles per day, a figure which is well above the national average.

Additionally, there are a couple of ActiveEs out there that average close to 100 miles daily (96 and 99 to be exact) and that one ActiveE is approaching 50,000 miles.

There’s more info to be found on Wotnogas and you can check out the site linked below for those additional details

via Wotnogas

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I’d like to add the wotnogas site was created by ActiveE driver Michael Thwaite and we log in and update our current mileage ourselves as opposed to the Electronaut Effect site that does it OTA and isn’t very accurate (Mine is off by 8,000+ miles). The problem with wotnogas though is that many people don’t update so a lot of the data there is old. Also not there are over 600 ActiveE in the hands of customers and only a small percentage have signed up for these sites. The ActiveE fleet has logged over 7 million miles in 16 months so far.

Just to add a point about the shown averages, I do drive 85-130 miles per day during the week but there have been a few weeks where I was of out of town or sick and worked from home. On the weekends I try to relax a little and not to drive so much.