BMW 740e Decked Out With M Performance Parts Unveiled At SEMA


This year’s edition of the SEMA show is turning out to be a BMW fest.

Seen here in the thrifty 740e specification, the plug-in hybrid full-size sedan has also received a bonanza of M Performance components on the outside combined with BMW Individual upgrades on the inside.

Starting with the front of the car, the electrified 7 Series comes with a sportier bumper as well as blacked-out kidney grilles. The tweaks continue on the side profile where the mirror caps have been covered in carbon fiber and the wheels have been bumped to a 21-inch size with blue calipers part of the M Sport brakes. The so-called “hockey stick” comes with a glossy black finish also noticeable around the windows and on the M Performance-branded side skirts. At the back, a discreet trunk lid spoiler rounds off the changes on the outside for this large BMW sedan.

As always, the plug-in 7 series is still able to travel 14 miles/21 km (EPA) on just electricity alone via its 9.2 kWh battery.

Inside, BMW Individual has decided to go with a Merino leather upholstery in Fiona Red not just for the seats, but also for the lower half of the dashboard and the door panels. Speaking of which, a piano black trim has been installed on the doors to complement a similar finish applied onto the center console. Being a showcar, it’s no wonder this particular 7 Series comes with a generous array of optional kit, including the $3,400 Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system and the $2,700 rear-seat entertainment system, just to name a few.

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BMW 740e decked out with M appearance parts unveiled at SEMA.

I see what you did there.

To me, the BMW grill just looks like a pair of sunglasses.

(And now you can’t unsee it.)


From Article: “…the plug-in 7 series is still able to travel 14 miles/21 km (EPA) on just electricity alone…”

Lol… 14miles AER! …and BMW is proud of that?

And here is the kicker… the range is so low that there is a real fear that the people buying this won’t plug the car in and want it just for the green sticker for CA rush hour HOV access. So the extra 8kWh if battery will likely go to waste, both the extra CO2 and the extra weight over a small battery hybrid.

Actually this gives people who were going to buy a regular 7 series a nice hybrid operation. And don’t forget that 14 miles a day is over 5000 miles a year. So almost 50% of driving mileage a year. And if you have work charging, that number increases dramatically. Remember, this is no Tiny Chevy Volt or Cmax, it’s a big heavy luxury car. And one of the most luxurious interiors around. Some people want craftsmanship, luxury, and style in a hybrid. As I said, I was amazed how far ahead the luxury appointmentsare in the German cars than a typical Tesla nowadays.

“this is no Tiny Chevy Volt” LOL. It’s smaller. Half the battery size, in fact.

Have you seen BMW’s “Charging is optional, Thrilling is not” advertising, as if a bucket of bolts and pistons could get out of its own way. As long as pollution is free, the German makers will be there to cheat, lie and steal with their slower cars. It’s really too bad what’s become of them.

Maybe it depends on where you live, gas prices and how environmentally conscience the users are.
I read statistics where it shows it is in use a lot in Norway. Given high gas prices, high maintenance costs and so on – that might be the case.
If I had a car like this, I could drive for free 9 out of 10 days.
I have just a few km from my house to my job.

But for most people it would be better with a larger battery. But that = more cost and weight.

Also.. a wireless charger for a car like this would be nice. No need to plug in, just park and that charging is handled automatically.