BMW 530e Touring Wagon Plug-In Hybrid Spied

FEB 7 2019 BY MARK KANE 13

BMW 530e iPerformance Touring coming

BMW is working on a plug-in hybrid version of the 5-series Touring – the prototype was spotted during winter test runs. The lack of camouflage suggests that the market launch is close.

It’s a smart move for the German manufacturer, as BMW 530e iPerformance is already the best-selling plug-in hybrid model for the brand. The BMW 530e Touring PHEV could further increase sales by a significant percentage.

Together with the new plug-in hybrid 7-Series, upcoming new PHEV 3-Series and X5, as well as several BEV projects (iX3, i4, iNEXT and MINI) the BMW Group has full hands of work on various stages of development for electric cars..

Here are the latest photos of BMW 530e iPerformance Touring:

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13 Comments on "BMW 530e Touring Wagon Plug-In Hybrid Spied"

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Nice, if it has at least 40 miles of range.

I cannot believe BMW could not put that charge-port behind the kidney grills in front of the car.

It looks extreemly bad on the side of the fender like that.

To bad it will never come to North America!

Those grills have in important function. You can’t just put what you want behind them.

Usually they (car manufacturers) have the radar there to keep them free from dirt and snow – but the radar looks to be under the grill in this case. They do have an engine in this car too, so that will need some cooling too.

Why will in not come to NA? Not a market for it? or do people live to far away from where they work?

The don’t sell wagons here.

Because they don’t buy wagons here. Why? No idea. Bad taste in vehicles I guess.

In Europe, a station wagon says “old money”. In the US, it just says “old”. 🙂

In Norway, It says a family car with room for strollers, family luggage and stuff from IKEA/tools or what not.

Really? I’ve never noticed that. In Norway I think most Mercedes and BMWs are wagons. Same with Passat, Mondeo and so on too.

This will sell liike crazy in Europe!

the luxury feel of burning fossil fuel on a dying planet – not very ultimate

Just make the gas more expensive, and the customers will utilize the plug in function A LOT.
In the previous generation, BMW had to make a air tight fuel cap/ fuel system since people used so little fuel, the fuel could turn “bad”.
At work I have many coworkers that have PHEVs, and they drive to and from work in pure EV mode. Saves them a ton of money with our fuel prices.