BMW 530e Live From Detroit For NAIAS Debut, Arrives In Spring – Videos

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BMW 530e iPerformance

BMW 530e iPerformance

BMW presented the 530e iPerformance for the first time in the US in Detroit for NAIAS (and a few other petrol vehicles we really don’t care about).  The plug-in sedan arrives in the US in March, and is expected to be a strong seller.

It will be available in rear-wheel and all-wheel drive versions, and from a really great price (relative to other 5 Series offerings from BMW):

  • 530e iPerformance from $51,400 + $995 DST
  • 530e xDrive iPerformance $53,700 + $995 DST

Assuming an estimated $4,668 federal tax credit, the BMW 530e lands in the midst of plug-in hybrid market in terms of both range and prices, but also as the most inexpensive 5-Series by more than $3,000.

Above you can see the 530e’s introduction at NAIAS, while below we can take take a look at the details.

PHEVs price (MSRP + DST) and all-electric EPA range comparison – U.S. (Jan 11, 2017) – some models estimated

PHEVs price (MSRP + DST) and all-electric EPA range comparison – U.S. (Jan 11, 2017) – some models estimated

BMW 530e iPerformance drive modes:

BMW 530e iPerformance

BMW 530e iPerformance

BMW 530e iPerformance

BMW 530e iPerformance

BMW 530e iPerformance

BMW 530e iPerformance

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Hmm $50K for 18 EV miles? Design is boring/dated to me. Why not bring in some of the i3 & i8 designs (the good parts that is)?

What would be the “good parts” of the i3 design? LOL

I think you’re looking at this the wrong way. This PHEV isn’t for electric car nuts, it’s for people who want a BMW but would like to be green. (For BMW it’s all about regulations). The worst that happens is you use less gas and cut the cold starts by half. Not bad.

Not of great interest to me — the range is just too light — but it’s a good step in the right direction.

I would not buy it either, but I already have a Volt. And I personally care more about cool tech than luxury.

I think that buyers of this would be people who are already wanting a 5 series… they don’t want something flashy. But they are able to see the value of the 18 miles gas free. And they can stay with a brand they already feel comfortable with.

They are trying hard to make sure the design looks as similar as they can to the ICE version. Ford does the same thing, and combined Ford Energi sales are surprisingly good.

There is definitely a market for the “sleeper EV” that looks just like the ICE version of the same car. Just like there is a market for distinctive EV’s that don’t look at all like any gas car.

Great point about people wanting a “sleeper EV”, I leased a 330e 6 months ago for essentially the same reason. As a 24 year old master’s student, there’s no way you’d catch me in a volt, there’s just zero sex appeal and the driving dynamics aren’t there, especially coming from a 428i.

I love the idea of driving electrically and wish there were more options with more electric range, but in my college town the 330e will never need gas, the school garages have free chargers and up front parking, I can even charge in the carport below my townhouse.

Occasionally I take a 500 mile trip home and get about 40 mpg with just one 5 minute fill up, but once there, I can drive completely electrically as well; Combined I’m getting over 100 mpg. Comparatively, my 428i got 23.5 mpg in the same drive cycle.

330e and 530e are definitely sleeper EVs. It’s surprising how few people realize we’re driving electricly even when sitting in the passenger seat, unless I tell them.

Price is really great. Wonderful alternative for someone wanting a BMW 5 series.

Who are these people? 😛

Me. This will be a perfect complement to my 2017 i3 BEV.

I think this is a great addition to the market. I assume the 5 series sells 1-3k units per month and that priced at this level this car could sell in the 500-1500 per month range. That’d be great, can’t see anyone buying this instead of another big selling plugin vehicle so those will be cherries on top of the cake. I hope this car has an Outlander moment and we end up having everyone buying the plugin version and ignore the ICE version.

In terms of everyday driving, this will be a far superior car to the more expensive versions of the 5 series.

Chris — Pretty good guess on the numbers. Their lowest monthly sales for the 5-Series last year was 1126 in sales. They spent most of the year with sales in the 1000’s, 2000’s, and 3000’s. They only had one month that broke out of the 3000’s, hitting a freak high of 4454/mo. I will guess that unless BMW gives sales perks to move these, that sales will be measured in hundreds not thousands most months. But the vast majority of those sales will be conquest sales from ICE cars, who would not otherwise buy an EV or PHEV. That makes every sell a win for EV’s the way I see it. EV’s/PHEV’s will have to offer an option in every single class and style of car in order to win over ICE car drivers. So even if it isn’t the biggest mover on the insideev’s sales chart, it has a unique role to play. The unknown is whether or not this car steals total car sales from Audi and Mercedes ICE sales, the way Tesla did. BMW would consider pulling an Audi A6 driver into a BMW 530e xDrive as a major win for BMW, and I’d count that as… Read more »

“unless BMW gives sales perks to move these” — by this I mean bonuses to dealerships for hitting monthly sales targets. Not perks to buyers.

Anytime an ICE driver spends time in a hybrid they start to resent going to a petrol station and then going full BEV starts to become a possibility. At least that was my experience. So ‘well done BMW’ for producing a ‘gateway vehicle’ to lead the unknowing towards the light.