BMW 330e Test Drive Review in Australia – Video

MAY 15 2016 BY MARK KANE 22

BMW has launched its latest plug-in hybrid model 330e in Australia just this month, and as such, logged a full review of the electrified 3 Series and found out that the all-electric range of 30 km (EPA: 14 miles / 22.5 km) could cover most small commutes.  They also noted the similarities in appearance to other 3 Series (obviously) and that it has great performance.

2016 BMW 330e review by

2016 BMW 330e review by

The price is pretty high, but it’s Australia after all – from $71,900 AUD (over $52,600 USD).

As for drawbacks, notes that the battery weight slightly affects the handling, and that there could be a better display system for “e-componentry” readouts on the dash.

“The 330e shouldn’t be thought of as purely an eco-car, it’s not – that’s the i3. The 330e is really just a 3 Series with benefits. It gives you a smart-tech alternative to just sitting in the traffic setting fire to petrol and going nowhere fast every morning and evening. And with its unassuming looks the 330e normalises hybrids, too – a future we are heading towards, where hybrid cars look like every other car.”

Quick 330e Specs:

  • 184 hp four-cylinder petrol engine and 65 kW, 88 hp, 250 Nm electric motor integrated into the housing of the eight-speed automatic
  • total system output of 185 kW/252 hp (on par with 330i and 330d)
  • 0–60 mph in 6.1 seconds with a top speed of 140 mph.
  • all-electric range of up to 40 km (25 miles) NEDC and 14 miles (22.5 km) US EPA
  • 7.6 kWh lithium-ion battery beneath the boot floor
  • charging in 3 hours and 15 minutes from a household outlet
  • average fuel consumption (combined) of 2.1–1.9 litres/100 km (134.5–148.7 mpg imp)
  • at least 370 liters of luggage compartment volume; the rear seat offer a 40:20 40 split
  • EU-empty weight of 1735 kg (3,825 lbs)


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A BMW 330e with 14 miles AER-EPA in today’s market makes no sense. It will be a dud.

If the BMW 330e had 40+ miles AER-EPA it would be revelant today and if had BMW made that available 4 years ago it would have been considered innovative.


As You can see, this model already much more heavy: Unladen weight EU in kg 1,475 [1,500]. So, with larger battery it outweight X5 soon 8)


Yup, that’s why adding E to an existing ICE body makes no sense.


Why does everyone always judge an international cars AER’s on how they might perform in one market.
If your commute is less than 14 miles then clearly this car is just right for you. Sure that won’t be everyone (but not everyone buys a BMW either), but it would be right for way more people worldwide than they need to sell it to for the car to be a success.
The fact it is almost pure petrol for the one or two road trips it makes every year probably hardly impacts the amount of fuel it uses.


@Samise said: “..If your commute is less than 14 miles then clearly this car is just right for you….Sure that won’t be everyone (but not everyone buys a BMW either)…”

That’s the kind of rationalization made by traditional car makers that if continued will sink them.


If my commute was less than 7 miles each way I would use an electric skateboard. My son has one that goes 20 miles on a charge.

David Murray

Unlikely. Those things always exaggerate their claims by usually a factor of 10. So if it claims 20 miles, consider yourself lucky if you could get 2 miles from it. I wish there was some regulations on the claims of those things.. Sort of reminds me of those GMRS radios you see on the shelf that claim ranges of 30+ miles, but in reality 1 mile is about what you get.

Warren M

Read a thread on Bimmerbost about the 330e. Guy was extremely happy with the car.


+1 Happy here too and everyone in my FB BMW 330e group 🙂


I’ve had my 2016 BMW 330 e for 1.5 months now. 1300 miles of which 1100 have been electric. I’m still on my 1st tank of gas and have 1/4 left. I’m getting 18-20 EV Miles on my way to work and about 16-18 on my way home. Most of my daily driving is done on all electric so the car is perfect for me. On longer trips of 40 miles or so I am getting about 40PMG. The car is fun to drive in EV mode, fast and smooth. The cool thing is that once the battery runs out you also get to enjoy the ICE in EcoMode or in Sport mode. So you have the best of both worlds in a nice and sporty BMW package. I will probably get 2000 miles out of each tank of gas 🙂


Is that an urban commute? Do you charge at work?


Yes, my commute is 14 miles each way. I arrive with 4 leftover, which I use to go to lunch close by. Once I get back from work I charge again but only enough to get home usually. BTW, I did a 45 mile drive today and ended up doing 50.9 MPG on the round trip. Charging at work is $1.00 an hour (To keep the leeches away) but I’ve found a few free places at lunch so I charge there at times as well.


What speeds are you travelling on your commute? LA Freeway traffic kills those electric miles quickly. Friends 330e and xDrive40e barely gets 12 EV miles.


That’s the trick, I take back roads that avg 20-60MPH and have good reGen opportunities. If you go 75MPH on the freeway you will probably only get the 14 EPA miles. Bumper to bumper LA traffic I would expect 14-16 mile range. I also use a mix of gas and electric at times. At a stop light with a long straight ahead I will use ICE to get to 55MPH then switch back to EV mode. Bunch of tricks and tactics if you want to maximize but the car itself does a good job in auto mode when you use GPS as it knows whats ahead.


$2 to charge the battery? I charge off peak in Victoria $2 would buy me 21 kWh.

The PHEV works quite well in Australia, a lot of people drive short distances to work but then take an interstate trip once or twice a year. 15 miles on a 30 mile inner city commute essentially doubles your mpg. I’d still like to see 20-30 miles as the range but hey we’ll start here and see where we end up. Nice to see that the PHEV is only a $2000 option.


Best to keep my Volt 82 kilometres electric kilometres driven the other day, 79.2 yesterday, charging it up only once or twice per week, so keep the beemer. Bring the Bolt to Australia, and meanwhile, I have ordered the Tesla 3.


ps. to above.. and I don’t want an I3 BMW either. Sorry BMW, not this time around.


I tried the 2016 Volt but 1) its too small and 2) I dont like what it looks like 3) BMW 330e is faster. I have to like what the car looks like to bu y it. But the Volt is the best PHEV in the market if you dont mind the looks. Same reason why I stayed away from i3, Leaf, Prius and Volt. I just dont like what the car looks like. BTW, I am towards the front of the line for the new Tesla 3 which will give me the looks I like and 220+ EV mile range 🙂 and speed! Till then this BMW give me the stop gap I need.


YOu forgot that with the BMW you get to develop a better relationship with your service advisor. With the Volt you don’t even know their name.


LOL, that might of been the old BMW. My last 535i (2011-2014) only went to the dealer for 3 oil changes in 36K miles. These new engines barely need any service, specially with as little as the ICE is on. But while you’re talking about service, does GM give you free BMW loaner when you take your car in? Nope. You have to rent your own car. 🙂 All BMW service is free and I return after 3 year lease.


@JoseO said: “…BTW, I am towards the front of the line for the new Tesla 3 which will give me the looks I like and 220+ EV mile range ? and speed! Till then this BMW give me the stop gap I need.”

Yup…and the reason traditional car makers need to get serious on the program or get left behind. To-date most traditional car makers have approached EV as a compliance problem to solve…not as a build a better car opportunity. Also traditional car makers are ignoring the topic of installing a reliable & convenient fast charge network to service the EV cars they sell.


Agreed! What is so hard for car makers to get to combine style and efficency? Its as if they are trying to avoid ppl buying them. Most of my friends that are yet to buy EV’s or PHEV complain about the car looks, extra price, pain to charge/range and speed. Tesla seems to be on track with the T3. BMW is content with PHEV for now but I am sure they are working on full EV’s that look like their good looking cars now. The i3 has grown on me but still would not buy it.