Fully Charged Reviews BMW 330e PHEV And Finds It Proper – Video

FEB 28 2017 BY MARK KANE 10


BMW 330e

Fully Charged recently reviewed the plug-in hybrid BMW 3-Series, which turns out to be a proper car for proper drivers for proper driving.

It’s incredibly comfortable, quite quick and man, the doors are so much better than in other, non-premium cars. Unsurprisingly, pedal-to-the-metal acceleration lowers the 99 MPGe rating several times but you can feel a delay due to the firing of the gas engine.

As anyone who has been watching the EV scene knows, plug-in hybrids are just a step towards fully electric cars, but they fulfill the need of some drivers for longer ranges today. As host Robert Lleweyn says in the video:

“Conflicted about plug-in-hybrids? Me too, but this is a lovely car to drive. I know, I claim that sort of thing doesn’t matter and it’s all about clean tech and energy efficiency, but I’m conflicted, the 330e is a lovely car to drive.”

Watch the 12-minute test spin above.

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Watched this the other day. You could tell he had never been behind the wheel of a BMW before. Surprising considering where he lives. Never seen anyone so enthralled with the sound of a door closing.
That said…I have had those kinds of delays in the throttle on a 2015 Mustang. It really sucks.

I think the delay he is talking about is simply the amount of time it takes for any ICE engine to react compared to most EV’s.

My guess is that people who are used to driving ICE automatics probably won’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

Four cylinder with electric supercharger and Atkinson cycle, motor, controller and batteries to get a cleaner more fuel efficient car. This should not be tough for any car company.

This review is smartly done, with the actual target audience/buyer for the 330e in mind. If we are going to get mass market ICE buyers, more cars like this are going to have to be built. Where the price and performance makes them competitive with similar priced ICE cars and draws in ICE buyers. Even if EV enthusiasts would rather see more pure EV range.

Yes, this is really going to impress BMW owners moving up from stop/start technology!

The 2015 version of BMW start-stop is terrible. I put the car in sport mode every time I drive it. Sport mode cancels start-stop. There is a cancel button that will work in comfort mode but it is so close to the start button that I constantly accidentally hit that instead of start. It’s the worst part of this generations 3-series.

M3 Reserved - Bolt/IONIQ TBD

Qualify for HOV lane green sticker?

Pathetic, get back to us when it has an appropriately sized battery (at least twice a large).

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

I will stick to my ’17 Volt while I wait for the M3. Cheaper, better range, and not so pretentious.

I am properly not interested in token German efforts at green cars.