BMW 330e and X5 xDrive40e Arrive In Australia This Month


BMW x5 xDrive40e - Image Credit: Michael Beinenson / InsideEVs

BMW x5 xDrive40e – Image Credit: Michael Beinenson / InsideEVs

BMW is releasing both the X5 xDrive40e and 330e to showrooms in Australia this month.

Plug-ins haven’t typically sold well in Australia, but perhaps that will change as more options come to market, and pricing for some models (including these 2 BMWs) drop over time.

2016 BMW 3 Series

2016 BMW 330e

The new models’ goals are to “reinforce BMW’s commitment to sustainable mobility by offering a plug-in hybrid alternative within the brand’s two highest-selling model ranges.”

Both models are equipped with four-cylinder, turbocharged engines.

The plug-in 3 Series produces 185kW (252 HP) with a 0-100 km (0-62 miles) time of 6.1 seconds. The X5 PHEV pushes 230kW (308 HP) with a 0-100 km time of 6.8 seconds.

The cars were both marketed to allow drivers to do the majority of their commute on only electricity, according to BMW. The 3 Series PHEV will cost $71,900 ($51,121 U.S. dollars) and can go 37 km (23 miles) on only electric and the X5 plug-in will cost $118,900 ($84,538 U.S. dollars) and and can go 31km (19 miles).

For simple comparative purposes, the Tesla Model S starts at $141 000 ($104,000 USD) in Australia.

Source: CarAdvice, Headline News

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Tesla Model S starts at $76,200 ($54,134 USD) in Australia.
This is incorrect the Model S is more like $140,000 in Australia.

Apologies on that one, not sure what happened to Steven’s “maths” on that one, think maybe he started the wrong way? Not sure…anyway, fixed now.

Hi Jay, I wish Steven had been correct with his maths as we would love to buy the Model S for A$76k

Would love to see something with range in Australia, that isnt too expensive.

BMW , expensive to service, and atrocious electric range on the 330e. Imagine a typical commute in Australia to work might involve having to charge when you get to work as well, so charge twice a day for a premium priced product?
My Volt is 3 years old, and I am ready for the next ev purchase, but at least after 3 years I still got 82.5 kilometres ev only yesterday in the Volt..
It might sell to existing “Must have a BMW customer” but would not change a non- BMW customer into one of their “faithful” .
Nice to see Tesla taking orders for the 3 though, I have a reservation .

The i3’s $63,900 and as of when the new updated model comes out, is good for 180km on a charge (without resorting to the hypermiling “Eco Pro+” mode.

ok, the price is ok, and late December delivery in Australia is good, but at present the Model 3 Tesla, has got the range I am after. Thats because the battery in the new BMW is only 33 kwh , as opposed to 55-60 kwh in the Model 3. Hence range difference.
Next point is the looks– I prefer the looks of the Tesla , am not a big fan of the 13 look, but others might love it.
Although its great the I3 is increasing its battery size, they could do better. Mercedes is also woeful in its ev range. Match Tesla, or lose sales .. tis the way its going. Mums driving expensive BMW ‘s in a big 4 wd crash car might be interested though – or guys that are attached to a “badge” .
I am interested in anything with Tesla type styling and range and bang for the buck.
Was eyeing off BYD as well, for their range, but their price might put me off.
Tesla Superchargers in Australia are very attractive to me as well, happy to pay to use them, thankful that they are placing them where they are.

“BMW x5 xDrive40e” . . . seriously, that is a TERRIBLE name. It is like one of those computer license keys that is a long jumble of letters designed so you can’t easily memorize it.

ROFL at “commitment to sustainable mobility” as far as the X5 PHEV goes.
No 2300kg SUV would qualify as sustainable . Certainly not one which such mediocre fuel economy and CO2 emissions — it doesn’t even avoid the London congestion charge.

I’ve never had a BMW before but the 330e should be perfect for my needs as 80% of my daily local travel is less than 30k therefore it would be plugged in overnight at home and ready to go the next day. When I do exceed a local 30k round trip it is usually into the city for a few hours where I could access free charging in a parking station to get me home.

The petrol engine will of course be necessary when I take longer trips but that is usually only when I go on holidays or weekend trips a handful of times a year and on those occasions I won’t want the bother of finding charging locations.