BMW 3 Series Plug-In Hybrid in On-Road Testing Phase


Though we don’t have access to the spy photos, a BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid was recently caught winter testing in Scandinavia.

BMW 3 Series GT

BMW 3 Series GT

Soon, most of BMW’s entire lineup of vehicles will be offered with a plug-in hybrid, so it’s no surprise to us that the 3 Series is already being developed with a plug.

Details on the PHEV version of the 3 Series are limited, but we suspect that it will employ BMW’s 2.0-liter turbo four cylinder engine, along with a 95 hp electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack.  Electric only range will likely come in at ~15 miles once the EPA tests it.

The 3 Series will reportedly launch later this year as a Model Year 2015 offering.

For a look at photos of the actual BMW 3 Series PHEV caught testing (which we can’t show you here due to copyright infringement issues) in Scandinavia, click here.



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Interesting that the charge port is on the left quarter panel like GM and Ford PEVs. Sigh, only 15 miles.

We have the PiP and soon we are going to have the PiB. 🙂

With the CA HoV green sticker program in question wonder what the adoption rate will be for the PiBs.

I agree. I’ve been spoiled by my Volt. 45 miles gets me most placed I need to go and back home. 15 is just too little. The wife really wants a BMW or Mercedes to replace her Honda, but I’m sticking firm to whatever we buy next must have a usable electric range. We built our house with three 50 amp outlets in the garage…I intend to use them all!

The A3 E-tron should get a realistic 22-25 miles under US driving conditions and is due in the US spring 2015.
I don’t know if that is enough for your requirements.

The range is too short. But the good thing it that they are electrifying one of their top sellers.

Much welcome to have an attractive car entry into a category usually reserved for golf cart wannabees, but agree that the paltry battery is a deal killer.

Is it just me or are Toyota, Ford, and BMW all a bunch of idiots for not putting in a 16KWH battery? THE FEDERAL TAX CREDIT WILL PAY FOR IT. It doesn’t really cost you anything to put in the big battery, Uncle Sugar will pay for it. (LOL). So what is your excuse? It is too hard to squeeze a big battery in there? Come on. Put some effort into it.

Same for the Mits Outlander PHEV. It has a 12kWh pack… so close to 16 to get the full $7500.

No, it’s not just you. I don’t understand these guys, and my only theory is that they don’t want plugins to succeed and make their gas-only cars look archaic by comparison.

Furthermore, it’s pathetic that Ford needs to rob its Energis of 5 cubic feet of trunk space for only 6 kWh more battery than the base hybrid. That tiny battery shouldn’t need more than 1 cu ft.

Ford is idiotic for not doing that. The others don’t have their focus on the american market so they develop cars for their main markets and then the US will get the same.

In the same way as Ford, Chevrolet etc. don’t make their cars with the main focus on for example the European market. (but it would be nice because then we wouldn’t have all those ridiculous cup holders everywhere… a) kids shouldn’t drink sodas (or grown-ups for that matter) b) especially not in the back seat of my car!… a water bottle holder would have been nicer).

A lot of people here are complaining about the battery mileage (and I’d be one of them if that hadn’t been done already). But I guess it’s about the “driving philosophy” or “car experience”: If you want electric range, that’s what the i3 is for. The 3-series is probably geared more towards the conventional drivers who are expecting a similar driving behavior from their old (and familiar) ICEs.

I personally wouldn’t mind if BMW ripped out all the components of the ICE and used the space to pack it with batteries instead… 😉

Why couldnt those retards at BMW just simply make it all electric? why only 15 measly miles? is it even worth it to have that in there? smh

i really dont get it

It’s starting to seem like a theme for the established players to throw half-assed hybrids into the portfolio. The i3 is another visual abomination so BMW better pony up a production ready Active E-ish model or stop trying.

Whole post +1
“visual abomination” +10

CAFE standards require higher efficiency vehicles, period.

BMW will not jeopardize its core vehicle the 3 series. They made their compliance car look like anything but a BMW (i3) to make damn sure it does not tarnish the brand.

If you are going to buy a 3 series in the future it will look like a BMW and have the minimum CAFE standard MPG that BMW can get away with. Yes now it will be 15 miles range, the next year will be 17 and so on.

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