BMW 3 Series Plug-In Hybrid Expected to Launch This Summer


It’s now being reported that BMW’s next plug-in vehicle to launch will be a PHEV 3 Series.

BMW Concept5 X5 eDrive

BMW Concept5 X5 eDrive

Caught testing in wintry conditions, the 3 Series PHEV is supposedly set to enter production before the end of this year.

In fact, Autocar says the plug-in hybrid 3 Series has an expected launch set for this summer.

We suspect that the plug-in 3 will have an electric-only range of just over 20 miles and top speed in electric mode is expected to be 75 mph.

As for the engine, it’s likely that the PHEV 3 Series will make use of the same turbocharged 4-cylinder that was featured in the BMW Concept X5 eDrive, a vehicle first seen at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.  The electric motor will likely put out 95 hp.

If indeed the PHEV 3 Series launches this summer, then it’ll become BMW’s third plug in currently in production (BMW i3 and BMW i8 are the two plug ins from BMW currently in production)

Pictures of the car winter testing can be found at Autocar

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Yay… another of the top selling models gets electrified. I think the 3-series ended up somewhere around 10th spot of all models sold in Europe in 2013.

Agreed! Electrifying successful existing platforms is the long-term formula for success in my opinion. BEV and PHEV should be just another powertrain option. Over time the platforms should then evolve to become EV-based, with ICE powertrain options as an afterthought.

Which body styles will be available as Plug-In and which market(s) will be the first to launch? Obviously the sedan will be available with a plug, and I personally hope the touring (wagon) will be available with a plug, but I doubt very much the convertible will get the PHEV treatment.

I’m assuming it will only be the sedan, like with the ActiveHybrid. And that they will launch it on the european market first, maybe a few days or weeks headstart in Germany but then avaliable in all of Europe.

I do hope it will be for all body styles though… And soon avaliable for all their models… but one can only wish 😛

Cold weather testing? Will X-drive be an option?


X Drive Cabriolet and I might just endure the meager EV range and performance specs.

7-8 kwh pack likely
similar to the energi formula?

why do all these plug in hybrids go with 7-8 kwh ?

My best guess is that it is a combination of issues:
1) Available space for batttery pack
2) cost
3) easier to heat/cool smaller battery
4) can use a smaller motor & inverter which reduces cost more.

I think the 20-mile PHEV is still a good choice, though. I think all entry-level hybrids should be at least a PHEV-20. T


Having a plugin version of popular models will make it go toward being standard that all models are avaliable in a plugin version. It’s a big step toward making the mainstream buyer (and especially company cars) electrified without them almost even knowing what happened.

Maybe that’s the capacity required to get enough kW output?

Love it. Can’t wait to see BMW’s take on the PHEV.