BMW: By 2019, China Will Be World’s Largest EV Market – BMW i3 To Go On Sale In China This September


I'm Hydrated - Let's Do This Thing!

I’m Hydrated – Let’s Do This Thing!

“Bayerische Motoren Werke AG predicts China will become the world’s largest market for electric vehicles as more charging infrastructure is built and the government promotes cleaner cars to cut pollution.”

States Bloomberg and we agree.

Karsten Engel, BMW’s boss in China, stated:

“We expect that the Chinese car market for electro-mobility will become the largest markets for those cars in a few years.  Because you have supply now, there are cars coming on the market. We are coming with ours, others are coming as well.”

All eyes are on China.  And automakers have put an intense focus on getting plug-in vehicles on the Chinese markets as quickly as possible now.  As Bloomberg states:

“BMW joins Volkswagen AG among automakers betting on alternative-energy vehicles to fuel future growth in the world’s largest auto market. VW plans to unveil more than 15 electrified models in China by 2018, Daimler AG is building electric vehicles with Chinese automaker BYD Co. and Tesla Motors Inc. delivered its first Model S cars in the country last month.”

BMW adds that its first electric vehicle to go on sale in China (the BMW Zinoro 1e is lease only) will be the i3.  The i3 will launch in China this September, according to BMW.  The i8 should hit the Chinese market prior to the end of the year too.  However, BMW says supply of both models will be tight and that no more 1,000 units of the i3 will be sold in China in 2014.

Source: Bloomberg

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With an estimated 2,778 plug-ins sold in May (not June…), China has been second (only after US), ahead of Netherlands (1,902) and Japan (about 1,553 plug-ins), for PEV monthly sales.
Jan-May (approximate) sales figures are:
n.2 Japan: 11,897
n.3 China: 10,369
So, it seems we’ll not have to wait long to see China at n.2 for YTD sales…

Speaking of Global ranking…
Sweden might have overtaken Canada (for which various models’ sales are only estimated) at n.9 for H1 (Jan-Jun’14), with a record 623 plug-ins sold in June (more than 2% market share! 3rd best share, after Norway and the Netherlands).
H1 total stands at 2,275 (about 1.5% market share).

As you might have guessed, the Outlander PHEV plays a major role, there, with a record 428 sales in June and 1,194 in H1.
Tesla was third in May (5th for H1), with a record 45 units. Second was the Volvo V60 PHEV (71 sales in June).

According to local automotive press, to keep this level of sales more funds are needed from the government, to extend subsidies that would otherwise be over shortly.

China is the worst possible place to drive a BEV (except maybe Wyoming). Because the electricity in China is mostly derived from coal, the CO2 impact is worse for a BEV than a petrol car.

We need targeted solutions to this problem, not some kind of one-size-fits-all.

But they are also the hardest working country in the world to get clean energy. And while they CO2 impact might be equal or slightly worse it will get better with time and I’m sure that quite a few also have added some extra renewables for their car too.
In the mean time the local air pollution will get better in a first step to curb pollution before too many people die of it and they have an uprising.