Blue Tesla Model X Spotted – Videos + Image


By now, we’ve all seen the Tesla Model X prototypes in white and black, but a new blue Model X (via YouTube uploader Jestiphertube) has recently hit the streets and this one appears a bit closer to production-ready then some of the others we’ve seen in the past.

Earlier, Silicon Valley Teslas uploaded the below video of what appears to be the same/similar Model X, but wrapped.

Blue Tesla Model X

Blue Tesla Model X

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Is it just me, or does the door fit of the falcon doors STILL look all jacked up? I bet Elon is wishing he never mentioned those doors.

i’m starting to agree, the gaps do seem to stand out, especially when viewed from behind.

The alignment seems to get worse with each new spy shot. I think this has become a prank at Tesla. I can’t imagine they haven’t actually sorted this out.

I can’t figure how pratical & reliable it would be, with ice & snow all over it?

that’s a good point. from the pictures that i saw with the falcon wing doors open, it looked like there was good positive drainage around the gaskets, so when the doors are closed, i would not expect to see leakage. but when you open the doors, it could dump a lot of water that could easily overwhelm the drain channels and result in water getting dumped into the cabin.

The joke could easily be on Tesla in this case…

It’s a way garner some attention for the falcon doors and by extension the car but in a FUD sort of way.

Agreed, that does not look good. That door might be a good idea as such but on a vehicle of this rounded shape it doesn’t work very well.
This is really unfortunate, Tesla is very dependent on the X selling well. I really hope there aren’t more issues with this door, like leaking or something. That could be the end of Tesla.

I don’t think it will be the end of Tesla, but there are reasons no auto manufacturer uses a falcon wing door. The idea has been known for some time.

Everyone is dwelling far too much on the falcon wing doors. Wait and see, the Model X will be much more disruptive than even the Model S.

With the X, you will have the silent and incredible acceleration, save a ton of money on gas, and feel good that you’re doing something positive for the environment, none of which a typical SUV offers. You can have your cake and eat it too. You no longer have to be a climate change ignorer, just to reconcile your choice of a gas guzzling, oversized, boat of a vehicle.

I have seen other pictures where the doors close tight.
I guess they installed some chims to make believe they are not ready.
Remember that the falcon doors are the perfect scapegoat for delaying. The real reason being the insane and unexpected success of Mdel S in 2013, making unnecessary the rolling out of another car just yet, the money flow being sufficient.

Where are these mythical pictures of which you speak of, where the “doors close tight”? Were they photoshopped?

What the heck are “chims”?

“. . . to make believe [the doors] are not ready.” What other wacky conspiracy theories do you believe in?

“. . . the money flow being sufficient.” Huh? Didn’t Tesla just last week issue stock to raise $738 million in cash, because it was burning through all the cash from its last capital raise? Please explain how Tesla’s money flow is sufficient when they’re burning cash at that rate.

Thank you for your kind and indulging answer 😉

Wacky conspiracy theory? for a simple marketing trick? I’m so sorry you are that naive! Every company conspire every of every week to survive in a competitive world. Any predator animal use conspiracies all the time, it’s written in our genes you know…

In 2013 the Model S brought enough money for the master plan, and gave tesla the opportunity to perfect Model X with the latest innovations and make it another by hit! And why the rush, sales were always ahead of maximum production.

Now they seize a good momentum to raise more money for Model 3.

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Oh, and the falcon-winged doors on the Model X in you links are misaligned! Take a better look.

RexxSee said:

“Wacky conspiracy theory? for a simple
marketing trick? I’m so sorry you are that naive! Every company conspire every of every week to survive in a competitive world.”

Yeah, the idea that any company that ever existed would intentionally sabotage the public image of their own product by deliberately making it look worse than it really is, is a pretty wacky conspiracy theory.

Good luck finding any historical precedent for a company actually doing that.

But perhaps you think Tesla’s marketing is now being handled by S. Frog, the man responsible for the Conquistador Coffee ad campaign…

I don’t know what’s whackier, his conspiracy theory or you agreeing with me for once. 😉

sven said:

“What the heck are ‘chims’?”

I think he means “shims”.

And if you choose to view conspiracy theories as entertainment, they’re much less annoying. 😀

Looks like the huge windshield is still a thing.

People still think it has anything other than a normal sized windshield?

There’s no question that one of the test car Model X’s seen driving around had a “windshield” which extended up and back to become a glass roof. See photo linked below.

But that doesn’t mean it was standard equipment. It may have been an option.

I wonder how much the inclusion of those doors will have cost Tesla in delays, maintenance and extra engineering.

Not as much as the middle row seats… 😛

The brake light assemblies look quite small.

The blue around the lights is not the same as the body. I’m sure they’re wrapped and will not be like that on the production cars.

it has the giant brake light across the rear window

They won’t ever release the car to the market with this gaps. I will wait until. The officials release.

Has anyone seen if the fugly nosecone has chaged?

It’s a little different at the bottom, from the prototype (the chrome edging is not indented up into the slotted intake), but it looks good, IMHO…

Nosecone looks great

Looks good in blue.

It does when the light hits it just right. 🙂

My fave is still the Warm Silver / Titanium; even on the Model S.

I wonder how these wing door will work winter time, snow/ice on the top, slush/ice in the wheel hub…

At one point, someone will have to explain to me how these doors improve the car experience.

“At one point, someone will have to explain to me how these doors improve the car experience.”

The explanation I heard is that the falcon door can create a larger opening than a traditional SUV door to make it easier to access the third row seats and to put infants in car seats in the vehicle.


SpaceX designs docking rings and doors for spacecraft that require high degrees of precision and reliable mechanical functionality in all kinds of extreme conditions.

Have faith that the reveal will indeed, reveal some interesting facets about the vehicle that you won’t get by simply looking at a test mule from a drive by photo…

Considering that Tesla has a big market in countries like frigid Norway– it would be ludicrous to assume they’ve not done due diligence for the obvious.

“. . . it would be ludicrous to assume they’ve not done due diligence for the obvious.”

Would it also be ludicrous to assume that Tesla did not do due diligence for the obvious abuse that would occur by offering unlimited Supercharging?

I should note that SpaceX’s last rocket exploded, so I would prefer not to imagine that the engineering teams at both companies are intertwined.

Only 5 of the first 9 Pegasus launches succeeded; 3 of 5 for Ariane; 9 of 20 for Atlas; 9 of 21 for Soyuz; and 9 of 18 for Proton
15 out of 19 is an outstanding record for SpaceX.

I’d put my money on ULA. And SpaceX launches are notoriously late.

Docking mechanisms for use in space are difficult to be sure, but they aren’t subjected to ice, snow, dirt, leaves, and 100k miles of potholed roads.

Or if it’s pouring rain… someone opens the falcon wing doors, wouldn’t a bunch of rain water pour into the car?

1. The doors are wider than the actual openings. And the inside frames of the door redirect water down and out, not inwards into the cabin.

2. The covered hinges don’t let water shoot thru when the door is in the fully “Open” position.

3. The overhanging doors act as a canopy.

Conclusion: Wind blown rain & snow, are no more a problem than it would be for any other kind of large opening in a conventional hatch or sliding van door.

Canopies don’t work as well when the rain is falling diagonally instead of vertically.

Nothing works well when the rain is falling diagonally.

Yeah, but with regular or sliding doors the outer edge or the seats near the doors get wet. With falcon-wing doors the entire second row of seats gets wet.

Falcon-wing doors will take much longer to open and close with their electric motors. It will seem like an eternity in a driving rain or a snow storm. With regular doors, a person can quickly open the door, jump out, and close the door in just two seconds if it’s raining or snowing hard. There is no way the falcon-winged doors will match the ingress/egress speed of regular car door swhen weather conditions dictate getting in and out of the car as fast as possible.

The longer a door stays open, the more rain or snow that will get into the vehicle.

The half opened wings will serve as umbrellas

sven said:

“There is no way the falcon-winged doors will match the ingress/egress speed of regular car door swhen weather conditions dictate getting in and out of the car as fast as possible.’

Yeah, they will be just as slow to open and close as sliding minivan doors. And as we all know, nobody would ever buy a vehicle with those on them. I mean, a rear seat passenger might get a few drops of rain on him while the door is open. The horror, the horror… [/snark]

Apparently, Elon thought buyers wouldn’t want to buy a $100,000 Model X with “sliding minivan doors.” And the rain drops would get on the entire third row, not just the edge of the second row seats next to the door openings.

Don’t forget that the falcon-winged doors themselves don’t have a rain gutter on them. Exiting the Model X during a heavy downpour will mean that the bottom edge of an open FW door will create a waterfall gauntlet.

To those wondering about the doors: they’re still problematic, but there’s a reason why Elon has pressed for falcon wing doors.

To support such a large battery, the Tesla S has always been a bit “big boned,” but it carries it well. It’s not only wider than a BMW x3, it is wider than an x5. It’s likely that the X will be wider than a Honda Odyssey. Past a certain threshold, it’s difficult to get out of the car, and sliding doors are too uncool for Tesla. Hence, the boondoggle that is the falcon wing.

Instead of coming up with falcon-winged doors, I would have been more impressed if Tesla had designed or thought up a way to make sliding doors cool on the Model X. Perhaps by somehow eliminating or concealing (when not in use) the slot on the side body panels.

“It’s likely that the X will be wider than a Honda Odyssey. Past a certain threshold, it’s difficult to get out of the car, and sliding doors are too uncool for Tesla. Hence, the boondoggle that is the falcon wing.”

So, you’re asserting that the “real” reason for the falcon wing doors is because the Model X is too wide to get out of easily?

Uh… no. That has absolutely nothing to do with it. (If so, the Hummer would need them a lot more!) And if that was true, then the X would need falcon wing doors for the front seats, too.

The situation is better for the front seats, because the issue is not getting adults in and out, but getting children in and out. When an adult must reach deep into the car, elbow room is of paramount importance. If falcon wing doors are so amazing for adults, why aren’t they also used for the front seats on the X?

You’re joking, right? :/

Uh, why not? Gull wing doors have always been for first row access until the Model X. Why prioritize 3rd row seating over 1st row seating?

waiting for white with dark rims and red

Dat falcon wing door gap.

You shouldn’t drive and video tape at the same time! It’s dangerous and illegal. You’re going to get someone killed!!!!

Frankly, I have had ENOUGH of the whining about appearance from ALL the commentary over the months. By any stretch and EVERY definition, this is a UTILITY vehicle. I did not necessarily agree with Elon when he said he was making a vehicle to appeal more to females with the X, but all of the whining here and elsewhere has shown him to be apparently correct. This is NOT a Corvette, Ferrari or even a Model S. You guys start from THAT mentality and work your way to the X and then whine. Perhaps you should START from a Tahoe or minivan appearance and work in from there. In that perspective, its appearance is really quite GOOD. I expect to replace my Tahoe Hybrid with an X and I have no problems with the appearance. My current vehicle is big and boxy and not unattractive if you start from a TRUCK perspective. But if I started from a Corvette perspective and discussed its appearance…I would sound like you whiners. Shut up already. If you don’t like it…DON’T BUY IT. On the other hand, if you want to buy the first EV that can tow something, take off your sports car… Read more »

The Model X design significantly compromises the UTILITY of an SUV/CUV. I, like many others, want an EV SUV that has roof racks where I can carry my kayaks, surf boards, paddle boards, windsurfers, skies, snowboards, fishing poles, bicycles, and a cargo box. Obviously, not all at once. The falcon-winged doors are made to appeal to moms who drop will use this vehicle to drop off kids at school or soccer practice, which a minivan or car can do just as well. It’s an image thing. The well-to-do mom doesn’t want to be seen driving an uncool minivan.

I’d be willing to bet that, for the next 2-3 years at least, Tesla sells all the Model X’s it can build, and if you don’t buy one sven… how will the rest of us sleep at night?????

My guess is that you will be sleeping in the fetal position, dreaming of a return to the womb. 😀

IMHO, a “Minivan” can hold more than an SUV.

and if you don’t like the car, then don’t buy the fckin thing. Wait for another EV SUV to come around and quit yo b1tch1n.

Just try driving a minivan on the beach through soft sand to go kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, or surf casting. Or just try driving a minivan up a steep, windy mountain road in a heavy snowstorm to get to a ski resort, then try driving out of an unplowed parking lot after a day of skiing or snow boarding and three feet of snow on the ground. Just because you don’t lead an athletic/active lifestyle doesn’t mean that others don’t.

I have a suggestion on where I think you should insert your Tesla pom poms? You’ll be the one who needs to “quit yo b1tch1n.” 😀

I’ve done those things with old beater cars, and having done so it is rare to see 70-100k luxury suv’s with owners doing the same. Also, as a kid in the rural northern Rockies we consistently more 4 wheel drive trucks crashed into the ditch more than anything else.

I commented on the complaints about the APPEARANCE…NOT the utility. There are some who have (seemingly) legitimate gripes about the utility of the roof. I am not alluding to that. However, with my UTILITY vehicles (I have had a few now), the roof is a so-so issue. I found use for mattress hauling on the roof a few years back. The last time I put my kayak on a car roof, it was actually on my VOLT! In truth, my Tahoe Hybrid is just too damn tall to use the roof. It takes a step ladder for me just to clean it. I have a trailer hitch bike rack for my needs. I suppose some will need to bypass the Tesla because of FREQUENT need to utilize roof space, however many a UTILITY user functions just fine without requiring multiple friends and multiple step ladders to get things up on top of a vehicle.

I was responding to your comment that the Model X was a “utility vehicle”, and my comment was meant to convey that it was a compromised utility vehicle. These Thule Outriggers that slide into and out of the Thule loads make it pretty easy to get a kayak onto the roof of a tall SUV. Yakima has a similar option for their load bars. I have a Yakima aluminum Rack-n-Roll trailer for towing up to five kayaks. It’s lightweight and folds up to stow upright against a garage wall, taking up a very small footprint. But I use the roof rack and not the trailer on longer trips unless I have to carry more than two kayaks, because the tolls for bridges and highways doubles or triples due to being charged for a trailer or third axle (some bridge tolls around me are $14+). I prefer the trail hitch bike racks for better aerodynamics, especially after the run in my roof-rack mounted bike had with a low stone arch overpass as I got in the right lane to get off a clover leaf exit right after the overpass. I had always put my bike on the driver’s side… Read more »

Thank you flmark!

I swear, it’s like half the people posting here think cars look as perfect in real life as they do in the computer generated images which are all you see these days in TV commercials and magazine ads.

The next time you’re driving down the road, look at any car and see how noticeable the door seams are. Hint: In direct sunlight, you can actually see them clearly!

When the Model X actually starts getting reviewed by professional car reviewers, a lot of people here who are still whining about the fact that they can *GASP* actually see door seams, are going to be terribly, terribly disappointed that most car reviewers aren’t going to say anything bad about the seams.

Maybe it will start a trend of aero SUV’s. The falcon doors though will always be a mistake

I think these photo’s of misaligned doors are to keep everyone talking about the car.

Interesting strategy, except that each time photos appear, the talk gets more and more negative.

No, actually, the last few “Model X spy photos” articles here at InsideEVs have been blissfully free of comments from those who apparently think real-world car door seams are invisible even in direct sunlight.

It’s rather annoying to see a sudden resurgence of that cabbage.

Edit: Well, the last few Model X “spy photos” articles except the one earlier this morning, which has been similarly infested with “OMG, YOU CAN SEE THE DOOR SEAMS!!” comments.

You are whining about something in your imagination. No one said they should be invisible. You made that up. Strange.

Don’t be surprised, Tesla fanbois are good at being in denial about reality.

Please remember that these are all test mules…………. test m u l e s. The falcon wing door handle maybe in the rear of the door, not even where we continue to see it in these videos. The front door handle may even be moved forward a bit. Things are not always as they seem until final release!!:)

We’re getting very, very close to actual production of the Model S. It is very nearly inconceivable that Tesla would make any significant changes to the appearance of the car’s exterior at this point. Moving the front door handle forward, or the rear one back, would be a significant change.

There may still be some interior tweaks to come.

I agree it is unlikely to change. Still, I hope they can improve the exterior fit and finish.

I find the use of the word mule interesting in the sense that it (a real mule) can carry heavy loads for a long time. Mules are also ornery, and of course sterile, though those last two are just real mules.

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It was not related in anyway specific to the topic at hand, but was removed to keep the comments on point.