Blue Tesla Model 3 Spotted Driving On Highway – Video


Tesla Model 3 Followed BY Model S

Lookin’ swell in blue! And running away from a Tesla Model S too.

This appears to be the same Tesla Model 3 that our spy photographer snapped photos of a couple of days ago, but now we get to see it in action out on the highway.

Via the @OMG_Tesla folks on YouTube, we see this blue Model 3 testing on Interstate 280. It’s being followed by a Tesla Model S P90D.

This quick video actually provides us with a fairly decent look at the size differences between the two vehicles.

You’ll find more images of the Tesla Model 3 in both black and blue, as well as some interior shots, here at this link to our spy photos of Tesla’s newest creation.

What we think is the same blue Tesla Model 3 caught earlier this week.  Click to enlarge – more photos here (Licensed via Brian Williams – SpiedBilde)

A look into at a “release candidate” Tesla Model 3.  Click to enlarge – more photos here (Licensed via Brian Williams – SpiedBilde)

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Earth to amateur filmmakers: Next time you see a Model 3 in the wild, please SWING THE CAMERA AROUND while passing. We all need to get a good view of the tablet display and sensors. Thanks!

Or, you know… keep driving safely.

It’s probably a fixed dashcam anyway.

SWEET BABY JESUS…I see the promised land.


I hope there will be a setting to turn the back lights on.

You can do that on the Model S and X. It’s called putting the Parking lights on.

No one thinks to do that. But I do, every single time I get in my S it’s the first thing I do after I put it in D.

Switch the parking lights on.

But doesn’t that dim the DRLs in the front? It does on my Ampera, so it’s not a solution for me.
On VW cars you can have them turned on with the DRLs but sadly not on many others.

Please tell me they’re not going to leave that godawful tablet on a stick protruding into the cabin instead of a proper embedded centre console and driver facing dashboard displays.

Change is inevitable, Elon is bringing the G.A. Tablet, so you can take it the easy way, like yummy Castor Oil, or the other way like, well, you know!

Ugh, please please embed the display into the dash. its hideous.

I don’t see any way that projecting/non-dash-embedded center display could meet NHTSA crash safety standards.

If it’s not in the path of the passenger for, say, a head-on collision, then I doubt that NHTSA will have a problem (IMHO).

The modern age continues to have a relentlessly austere aesthetic. I do not expect the 3 to change from this snapshot. The dash is so low and forward that embedding that screen could very well make visibility of the screen worse (more glare, maybe? too far away to comfortably see the speedometer readout without a ridiculously large font?). Just IMO.

yeah the display seems too much like one of those suction cup GPS deals. On another note – the side view looks thick to me – getting close to X proportions which I am not a huge fan of. Maybe with larger wheels it will correct that impression.

The 3 looks really good, but next to the S, well…the S is just a really sweet ride.

I am biased – being an S owner – but I sincerely think the S design is going to go down as one of the most handsome in the litany of car design- similar to the Jag XJ – it just feels right.