New Video Shows Blue Tesla Model 3 Driving From A Different Angle


Tesla Model 3

Because the Internet is a buzz with the Tesla Model 3, here’s a look at one in blue out on the highway, driving through some rain.

A few days ago, via the OMG_Tesla folks on YouTube, we caught a glimpse of a blue Tesla Model 3 driving on the highway.

Now, we present this video of the same Model 3, but captured from a different angle.

As the video description notes, this video was shot by one of the passengers in the OMG_Tesla chase car. It suffers from that dreaded vertical video syndrome, but at least we get a few rather clear, close-up looks at the Model 3.

If you’d like to see the 3 in more details, check out our Model 3 spy photos here.

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Is it me, or does the model 3 seem to kick up a *lot* of dust and crap off the road?

I thought that too for a second or two, then realized it was road spray off a wet road.

Looks like tire spray from a wet road

I thought it was smoke until I saw it from the other cars as well

Hmm, I’m concerned about the visibility out the rear window.

Maybe, though you will have 10 cameras, to keep an eye on things.

I’m not. I have a Gen 2 Volt and visibility is absolutely crap. So I’ve actually learned to drive without using and having to rely on looking out of the rear window.

I’ve learned that there’s actually no need for a rear window whatsoever.

So now I don’t even need a rear window to drive. Pretty cool actually because I don’t get blinded at night by cars behind me at night since I have the mirror turned up almost all the way.

And I’m sure M3 won’t be as bad as the Volt

Or the rear window on a Toyota Prius

Driving a truck I learned to use the mirrors however I’d never give up my rearview mirror because I’m not into getting rear ended and you’d never have a clue until it was way too late might want to start using your mirror again before you regret it Big time

How often do you look through the rear window in a taxi? I mean come’on you’re lucky you’re even getting a rear window!!!


This raises an important question: why the heck are we getting a rear window instead of getting a hatch? πŸ™‚

Am I the only one who thinks this Model 3 or the one being produced does not look as good as the one Elon first revealed. There is something different about it but not sure what it is. And it definitely looks like a $35k vehicle now whereas before I thought it looked better than the S.

Probably because it’s just plain old real world lighting and a production paint job.

Yup. Everyone has gotten used to the impossibly perfect computer-generated images of cars now seen in all commercials and in all official online advertising. People forget that in the real world, cars never look that impossibly perfect!

That, and it probably has the standard smaller wheels while the car was designed to look its best with the optional larger, more expensive wheels.

Also, I liked the less pointy front end from the reveal cars better. I wonder if I can get that as an option…

I agree as well about the roof line to hood on the side view. Not sure about the rear view of the car with the window ending to accommodate the trunk. Making the car a hatchback would have made the rear look better in my opinion. Still like the car though.

Well the concept 3’s had all the cool paint jobs and rims. These one’s we’re seeing are production ready with basic rims and pretty standard colors.

Once we start seeing some Red 3’s with big rims and Matte Black (if that color makes it) along with Pearl White 3’s with blacked out rims our opinions will change.

But they did sort of make the 3 look a little more like the X, being slightly taller than the S of course for headroom. But I don’t think it would have been an issue if it was lower. But oh well its still nice

“These one’s we’re seeing are production ready with basic rims and pretty standard colors.”

If this is the same blue Model 3 seen in other recent articles here at InsideEVs, then that blue is a color far more gorgeous than the paint job of nearly anything on the road, and certainly light-years better than any shade of gray!*

No, the problem here is that the video is taken with a cheap cellphone camera, which doesn’t at all do justice to the colors.

*I realize, of course, that on InsideEVs, suggesting that any shade of blue is more attractive than black is outright heresy. πŸ˜‰

I agree but like others have said those first ones were pimped out.

Just like most concept cars. They look cooler than what everyone ends up getting.

Oh no!! The Model 3 is just a regular car!!! Don’t worry, it seems it will still have the promised stupid dashboard.

There seems to be a gap between the rear window and the bodywork, above the line of what we now think is an hinge for the trunk.

Might it be that the entire rear window is now part of the hatch and it is now a hatchback???

Not in the prototypes seen since the Beta Eval Period. The rear hinge joints are still where they were for a trunk. πŸ™

Just a random note: The blue Model 3 has the same license plate as the black model X test mule of a few years back. I guess Tesla liked that plate….

Quite clearly you will win every Tesla trivia contest you choose to enter! πŸ™‚