Blue Tesla Model 3 Gets Debugged – Video

Tesla Model 3


Perhaps not in the way you expected though.

OCDetailing has secured itself a new blue Tesla Model 3 to work on and first up for the obsessive detailing firm it to try out a new product to remove bug splatter from the vehicle’s front end.

Hopefully OCDetailing will continue its trend of releasing video after video of each Model 3 it gets in its possession (as they seem to be the lone reliable source on the car). We’ll be sure to bring you those videos as they hit the Internet.

Video description:

Tesla Model 3 – CarPro Bug Out – OCDetailing®

Joe tests out the new product just released by CarPro, Bug Out. CarPro BUGOUT is the solution for the one of the greatest detriments to automotive finishes…. BUGS and BUG stains!

Interested in checking out more Model 3 videos from OCDetailing? You’re in luck. You’ll find a bunch here.

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I am afraid this story has nothing to do on an (interesting) EV news site

Am I the only one who appears to be getting censored on this website. I know I have posted many responses in articles but come back later and they are not anywhere to be found.

My comment on this article was that OCDetailing is getting a ton of free advertising by responding to Model 3 articles and posting articles themselves.

OCDetailing needs to be instructed to eliminate their advertising banner and just say what they want to say.

If you say it in a way that questions InsideEVs motives, or slanders us in so doing, that comment will be removed. There is no shades of gray here either, no “well it wasn’t that bad”, it is all or nothing. What you said here in this comment is fine, as you are pointing out why OCDetailing might be doing this – being the business that they are, that they are making money from these videos by self promoting at the same time…because that is what they are doing – they are trading on their access to the Model 3 to do that. And we are picking up that coverage because … well, Tesla is almost always a controlling/huge pain in the butt to almost any type of media that isn’t Bloomberg. However if you say (and I am not specifically saying this is what your comment that was removed said) “Hey InsideEVs, how much you getting paid to run OCDetailing ads?” insinuating that were are placing paid /sponsored pieces….or something as such, then that will be removed without comment. We have never had any sponsored posts of any kind, and we accept no kickbacks of any kind – if… Read more »
Another Euro point of view

Agreed, Insideevs deserves much better. To be constructive, humbly making her a suggestion of a more meaningful article:

The blue Tesla Model 3 looks black under some light settings. Just my observation.

” (as they seem to be the lone reliable source on the car). ”

Yeah, even the Russian video got “hacked” and is no longer on the youtubes.

I don’t know if this is a aggressive way of trying to control potentially bad PR at a critical time in the company’s growth or just another way of creating free “buzz”.

Has tesla fired over 1200?

Tesla just completed the first of many projects in Puerto Rico. Installing solar panels and batteries for a Children’s hospital which will run 24/7 on renewable energy. The plan is to continue with micro grids rather than having a central power station. Over 90 companies are bidding on many projects.

And yet somehow a tiny, untested, company in Montana gets a $300 million project. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact, that the company is located in the hometown of Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.

Absolutely and they’re bringing workers from the mainland in to do the work like they couldn’t fine workers in Puerto Rico. Luckily there’s an investigation but that always takes way to long to get any results.

Nothing will happen. I am shocked at how many out in the open blatant illegal business dealing are happening right in front of our eyes and our highest law enforcement agencies are seeming to just shrug their shoulders.

There are endless committees and panels that supposedly are looking into it in Congress but nothing ever happens. Then a new one comes out almost every month. Everyone just shrugs like it’s no big deal.

I mean Trump constantly holds court at his own properties and charges for the facility to be used. No one cares.

Yeah Trump charges the secret service to use the golf carts at his golf courses spending over $150,000 just for golf carts this year. Now add in the money they spent on food etc. All this being paid by the taxpayers most of them who voted against him.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“All this being paid by the taxpayers ”

Isn’t that covered for EVERY president every year? The other half of the voting country that voted the other direction can claim that every year. WTF is the point of you bringing that up?

No. Not every President brings Trump’s conflicts, like “Oh, I have these money making golf-carts, over here you can rent!” I can see John Oliver doing a skit, somehow..

InsideEVs probably won’t cover, but lots going on in Autonomous space. MobilEye looks to be suggesting we rid our roads of human drivers:
I would guess there’s something left at Intel, after the small 15 billion MobilEye cost. They’ll need it to legislate their way to renting roads back to taxpayers, some day. For their own good, of course!! /Sarc

He’s pointing out the exorbitant amount of the current administration, as well as who the benefactor is. This is what is “not normal”.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


Foul Crony politicians.

Haitian people to the Clinton Foundation: “Hey, where did all the money go?”

Earthquakes have been very profitable for those wacky, wild, slippery Clintons.

Looks like uranium has been also. Ahhh those naughty naughty Russians again.

I actually saw a CNN panel member say re: upcoming testimonial by FBI investigator
on latest Clinton scandal: “Hey, that was 2009, now she’s a private citizen living in upstate New York, so What Does It Matter?”… Just what Hillary said after our beloved ambassador was murdered by terrorists in Benghazi, after the YouTube video reason was debunked…..

Hey Joe, that product in your hand is called “Bug-Out”, not “Bug Off”. 🙂

Thanks for the tip, though; my car is a bug magnet.

BTW, that blue Model 3 really needs the nicer wheels.