Want A Baby Blue Tesla Model 3 Interior? Solution – Blue Jeans: Video


It appears blue jeans are the answer if you want a Tesla Model 3 with light blue upholstery.

All jokes aside, there are probably very few people that want a blue-tinted interior in their Tesla Model 3 (or Model S or Model X), especially considering they spent the extra money to get the white vegan “pleather.” YouTube channel Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley found that blue jeans tend to transfer color onto the seat material. This is not the first time we’ve heard of this, but it may be the first time we’ve heard that the color will not come out.

We’d like to see the jeans in question and know the depth of color, as well as the brand name. Is it the color of the jeans, the newness, or the brand? Or will any jeans stain your Tesla seats blue? Even worse, what if they were black, red, or pink jeans! Perhaps it’s just the brand of cleaning cloths that don’t work well?

While we’ve learned that color transfers to Tesla’s vegan white upholstery fairly readily, we’ve also been told that simple baby wipes should take the color out. Apparently, someone told this Tesla owner from Silicon Valley the secret trick: Costco baby wipes. Sadly, the magic trick didn’t work this time around. He tried and couldn’t get the tint to disappear. Hopefully, he’ll find some other way to remove the “blueness.” Until then, he has a unique Model 3 with baby blue vegan white interior.

We can only hope that Elon Musk or someone else from Tesla reads this article and has a viable solution. We believe Tesla could offer a cleaning agent or cleaning cloths that are sure to correct this issue. Furthermore, as particular as people are about washing their Teslas, as well as what products they use inside and out, we could see Tesla benefiting from suggesting or selling some products for “Tesla cleaning.”

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Video Description via Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley on YouTube:

Blue Jeans and White seats in Tesla model 3

Blue coloring doesn’t come out 😂😂😂

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I have whitish-grey leather in my Ford Escape. It looks awful now. That is why I wasn’t looking to get white in my Model 3! Glad I didn’t wait for it!

If you do not wear jeans, then white in M3 is great.

Is that picture fake? Because whats blue doing around the head rest and the sides of the seat?

It’s photoshopped. You can actually see some outside-of-the-lines blue coming off the lower part of the passenger seat, which also isn’t fully colored in. May have to tilt your screen to see.

A very bad photoshopped photo.
In the video you can see a vrey slight tint of blue on the seat.

Thanks for explaining! I was wondering that too.

Wow i see what you mean. Well that sucks big time, who would believe the rest of teh video if they feel the need to do this?

Agreed, why would it be on the outside if the bolsters?

Yes, so this unfortunately makes this an absolute worthless article. They should just take this down for a variety of reasons.

Let’s just entertain that this is true/possible: Wow, they sure did make their way around the interior of that Tesla! Every nook and cranny. That would be interesting to have witnessed.

I recall hearing about this same thing with the Model X – but it needed to be raw denim. It’s okay though – I can’t those fancy raw denim jeans anyway (let alone a Model X, Model S, or Model 3). First world problems…

I’ve read about this problem on the Tesla Motors Club forum. Oddly enough, it seems to be a problem only with blue jeans vs. light colored “leatherette” seat fabric. And yeah, the dye transfer is permanent.

Suggested solution: Get a towel which closely matches the seat color, put it in the seat, and leave it there.

Pretty much. From what I have heard, it is just jeans. Personally, I would love the white interior, but with black seats up front.

Yes. Tell everyone that gets in with a jeans to cover the seat.

….or take them off.

Seriously, 5 downvotes for my entirely relevant comment, which contains a practical solution to the problem? O_o

Some people need to get a life!

Jeans in a Tesla? Why would some let a working class outfit wearing human into their luxury car? /mostly sarcasm (but I would never be seen in a pair of jeans though… 😉 )

Are you in Asia?

That is you. Come to the west and you will find out that you do not fit (unless you wear shorts/short-sleeve shirts even when it is -10F/-23C).

Thank you very much but I’ll stick with dead animal hide on my seats – or frabric, I actually prefer fabric. It doesn’t get deathly hot in the summer and it doesn’t suck the very life out of your soul in the winter time.

Fabric does have major static issues in the winter though. Leather (real or fake) does not.

I prefer fabric too, for exactly the reasons you cite. Sitting on a leather seat in a car which has been sitting out under a hot summer sun, my back gets literally soaked with sweat. Ugh!

My grey leather Model S seats also have the blue stain from my jeans. I don’t think it’s a leatherette problem. I am glad i went with the dark seats for my Model 3.

your gray leather seats in your Model S are real leather that has been dyed grey the seats used in the model 3 are all artificial leather that does not stsin so two completely different products

There are lots of products on the market for seat repair or refresh. It’s not that big of a deal. Got my tan seats fixed due to this issue. Looks like new 20.000 miles later.

Stop wearing jeans then… =)

They are so last year’s fasion trend….lol. If i get a 3 i will be driving naked!

Sure, just slip ’em off before you step into the car. Give the neighbors a cheap thrill. 😉

I just want a nice tan/beige interior. No baby blue please.

I have TMX with cream seats. I use baby wipes with rubbing alcohol. Removes practically everything (Levi’s classic jeans 🙂 ) with some exceptions in deep creases.

I’m sure this has never happened in automotive history with any other car brands that have white leather or leatherette….only Tesla.

I wear blue Jean’s every single day in my model 3 white interior and have never once had a blue stain. Multiple Jean brands, multiple shades of blue and never a single problem . I’m inclined to believe something else happened here…

Same here. I call BS.

From a Tesla Motors Club discussion thread, the problem does seem to be oddly inconsistent. Different drivers report differing degrees of this problem… or a complete lack of the problem. I don’t see anyone offering a rational explanation for the variation. Solutions suggested by one person (“Just wash the jeans a few times first”) are reported by others not to work for them.


Since we’re just speculating, I’ll add my speculation: Perhaps Tesla sources its leather or faux leather from different sources, and some of those sources use different fabric protection and/or tanning processes than others.

Why buy the expensive white seats and then get cheap blue jeans?

Only cheap unwashed jeans would do this.

Nice jeans don’t rub off.

Also, it has something to do with moisture and temperature. So, stop steaming up the car with sweaty pants…

The OTA update to address this is expected to be out within the next two weeks…

To paraphrase Steve Jobs, they weren’t sitting in the seat right.

Like most, I got a Tesla with black interior even though I’m not a fan of black or white. Franz has some beautiful designs. He should try dabbling in color, too.

I’m not buying this story, I’ve had a White interior with my Model 3 for 5 months now, and wear blue jeans EVERY day, all shades, dark to light, new to old. Yes there is some Slight color transfer, but most of it comes out, perhaps a tiny almost unnoticeable amount sticks around, it’s not an issue. This article has a BS picture with a lot of untruth in it. For the record I use ONR and a Mr Clean magic eraser, problem solved.

“Mr. Clean Magic Eraser” is an abrasive cleaner. That’s not a solution; that’s wearing away the surface of the fabric every time you use it.

I have 7000 miles on my M3 and I have the blue stain issue. I’ve tried everything Tesla has suggested to get the stains out with no resolve. Tesla mobile service and Service Center could not get the stains out as well. All they tried their best to get the stains out but weren’t able to. They also claim that it’s not a defect. I was told that these white seats are more stain resistant which is not the case. I rarely wear jeans and wear polyester medical scrubs most of the time.

As long as the door and dash panels were the same colour, I think a baby blue interior would go well with dark blue paintwork.