Bloomberg Video: Tesla’s “Cash For Clunkers” Plan In China


Tesla's "Cash For Clunkers" Plan For China Could Boost Sales

Tesla’s “Cash For Clunkers” Plan For China Could Boost Sales

Back in April, Tesla launched the Model S in China.  Since then, the automaker reportedly sold 3,431 electric cars in China through the end of November.  Apparently, sales are below Tesla’s expectation.  Or perhaps the automaker is just trying to raise Model S sales even more with what’s being called Tesla’s “Cash For Clunkers” program for China.

The idea is simple: Tesla will work with used car dealers to purchase used cars from Model S buyers.  Basically, it’s just a vehicle trade-in program, much like we see at dealerships throughout the U.S.

For more details on Tesla’s “Cash For Clunkers” program, check out the Bloomberg video:

“Bloomberg’s Olivia Sterns reports that Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is looking to grow his business in China buy helping buyers trade in their old cars for a Model S.”

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Unless there is a requirement that the traded cars be destroyed (regardless of condition), then this is nothing like the completely asinine cash-for-clunkers program that was implemented in the USA.


Why asinine?


It was asinine because they squandered $2.8 billion (taken from tax payers) to buy and destroy about 665,000 vehicles, most of which worked perfectly fine.

A sad combination of government waste, taxpayer disregard, and deliberate pointless destruction.


Not to mention that the government screwed with the definition of vehicles temporarily to avoid bringing attention that the bulk of the TAXPAYERS’ money was used to subsidize purchases of trucks and SUVs.


But it got polluting vehicles off the road, permanently.

That’s a good outcome, right?


Nope. Because the old polluting vehicles were replaced with new polluting vehicles. Then the old vehicles that still worked fine were needlessly destroyed, benefiting no-one. In fact, the resulting used-vehicle shortage caused their prices to rise, hurting low wage earners who need to buy used cars.

An epic colossal ignorant destructive wasteful failure.


Not necessarily. A lot were classics that only did low miles per year. Cars that were well maintained and not belching out death and pestilence like some people suggest.


I disagree. The purchased car should be dismounted to sell the parts. It will 1 car less in the streets and still won’t harm Tesla’s finances.


Sorry, posted in the wrong place! It has to be a reply!


Dismounted. You mean dismantled? Mostly didn’t happen. Why? Because it was not worth the effort because they first destroyed all the engines, which is the most valuable part of the car. So they were just crushed.

“Cash For Clunkers” cannot be defended. You may as well try defending Hitler.


I disagree. The purchased car should be dismounted to sell the parts. It will 1 car less in the streets and still won’t harm Tesla’s finances.

David Stone

This is in no way cash for clunkers.
People who can afford to even consider buying a model s do not drive clunkers. They would have a car with a resale value that would make a dent in the prive of the ev.

Micke Larsson

And in the case of Tesla in China the resale value is probably higher than the cost of the Tesla since their normal competetors are prices higher there.


Musk is just aware of the mentality of people who just have to have the latest thing. Once enough of them get on the roads then the people there will want one too, and since you can’t really either afford or own more than one car he wants to make Tesla that one car.
So one the one hand it is a status symbol thing, and on the other he has to get those that can afford one to make a Tesla their only vehicle.


Nothing wrong with wanting/having the latest thing. With me, I feel the timing is important.
My ‘latest’ thing is 15 years old. I find with my ‘timing’ it’s a lot cheaper than it would have been fifteen years ago.
Will we be driving around in fifteen year old Model Ss?
That’s the only way I’d be able to drive a car costing a hundred grand!


Should be called “Class for Clunkers” instead.

(or “Class for Gassers”)


Ummm… WHAT!?!?

Unless I missed something– and I think not– Elon Musk did not say anything even REMOTELY like what that newsie quoted him as saying.

Elon Musk knows how to sell high-end EVs. And he knows enough -not- to try doing it like poorly dressed, loud-mouthed used car salesmen try to hawk them on late-nite TV ads.