Bloomberg Video: Tesla Model X “Lives Up To The Hype”


Model X test Drive Review

Model X test Drive Review

Video description:

“Dougherty & Co. Analyst Andrea James weighs in on the Tesla Model X. She speaks on “Bloomberg Markets.”

James recently spent some time with the Tesla Model X and walked away from the experience extremely pleased with Tesla’s latest effort in the electric vehicle segment.

According to James, the Model X “lives up to the hype” that surrounds Tesla’s electric SUV.

James is not the only one impressed by the X. In fact, we’ve yet to see a negative review of the X, so we assume Tesla’s done exceptionally well with its third electric car and are led to believe it will do equally as well with its fourth, the affordable, mass-market Model 3, which will be unveiled later this month.

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She has posted the ride in her youtube channel.

There it is.

She is giddy with excitement, and seems very nice and everything, but she does say during the video that she uses Uber most of the time and isn’t that used to driving, and so she is not a car expert. She also thinks it’s great from the beginning and so it’s not a review where she tests it, thinks about it and then decides it’s great.

Sounds like an average consumer to me.

What, this again? She’s quite the pro-Tesla shill.

If everyone has a double– she would be your good twin…

Seems to be a lot of that going around lately…like almost everyone who drives one.
What fools these mortals be.

It all about buying low and selling high.
Pump it, pump it up.
There will be another big sell off.

If you want to see a negative review, look at the review at Tesla Motors Club:

Like this: