Bloomberg Reviews BMW i3 – Video


Quite an interesting review from Bloomberg‘s Hannah Elliott, on the new BMW i3 (This one is the REx version).

BMW i3 REx.

BMW i3 REx.

It is clear that Elliott is not a fan of the i3’s appearance, but that’s her opinion

Elliot does a swell job presenting the BMW i3 and a few of its major specs (Click here for more). The video itself is top-notch too, we wish though that Elliot was more objetic and less subjective.  The actual review itself needs some polishing.

Per the video description:

“BMW has released a series of electric cars called the “i series.” Bloomberg’s Hannah Elliott reviews the i3, a small, moderately priced all-electric vehicle. It’s perfect for anyone who prizes efficiency over style.”


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That’s one fugly and weird-looking thing. But at least the car looks good 😛

So, someone dress with that hat and that outfit commented on i3’s styling?!?! Well, that’s her opinion and let’s stay with that.

No mention of the range extender, or the fact that the range is greater on the model without one? Not very informative. And she called L2 “fast charging,” which it isn’t. Whole review seems more focused on style than substance.

No wonder the general public has so many misconceptions about EVs.

She couldn’t fast charge even if she knew what it was and the car was actually equipped for fast charging. She’s in Brooklyn, NY. There’s just one fast charger in all of Brooklyn, and it’s a CHAdeMO.

Seriously. Can’t someone edit her review instead of letting her put out all that misinformation?

“Don’t plan on winning any drag races with this thing. It takes 7 secs to hit 60 mph.” Ha, ha! First, she’s too cool to even consider it as a car – instead, it’s a “thing”. And second, as a driver of a Prius (0-60 in 10 secs), I think 0-60 in 7 secs sounds pretty good.

7 seconds is excellent for any EV not made by Tesla. Coupled with the fact that it is one of the most efficent EVs make this a remarkable EV.

The average 0 to 60 is around 9 seconds. 7 seconds is considered sporty but with this review, lots of people will get the impression that it is slower than average when it is actually significantly faster than average. She’s clueless.

Some facts..I NEVER drive my i3 BEV in EcoPro..and I’m averaging 4.5 miles/kWh and averaging 90 mile range; so what is this nonsense about Comfort mode cutting range in half.

And 6.8 secs means I’m half way up the block by the time the other vehicles have cleared the intersection..and getting on the highway.. forget about it ..its a breeze.

Yes we have to get away from that muscle look in cars, and think of functionality! That look is strictly a marketing ploy to make you ignore how dirty, noisy, and inefficient are ICEVs!