Bloomberg Review: Tesla Model S P90D Is “Almost Perfect” – Video

SEP 19 2015 BY MARK KANE 20

Bloomberg Business: Tesla Model S P90D, Almost Perfect

Bloomberg Business: Tesla Model S P90D, Almost Perfect

Bloomberg Business test drove the all-new Tesla Model S P90D.

Verdict is – “Almost Perfect“.

The only drawback is its old-school driving mode selector on the steering column, according to the review.

“The Tesla Model S P85D is famous for scoring the highest on any Consumer Reports rating ever. So it stands to reason that the even newer Tesla Model S, complete with the incredible $10,000 Ludicrous mode upgrade, would be even better, right? Bloomberg Pursuits’ Hannah Elliott took the P90D for a test drive to find out. (Video by: Zach Goldstein, Victoria Blackburne-Daniell, Amy Marino) (Source: Bloomberg)”

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“The only drawback is its old-school driving mode selector on the steering column, according to the review.”

Yeah, doesn’t Tesla realize it should offer a stick shift as an option? 😉

I agree about the gear shift stalk. That was pretty much the only thing the Fisker Karma did right, it has a specially designed multifunction button for that.


Nothing wrong with the gear shift. Since the car is on when you get in having it there and not a button is easier and safer

+ its not outlandish.

There is literally nothing to complain about ROFL

How or why would she say it’s a 2016 while we are still in 2015?
I thought Tesla’s year built designation was pretty streatforward, if it’s built in 2015, it’s a 2015. Am i wrong? If so, when is the cutoff date?

You are correct; Tesla does not follow the trend in “model years” by forward dating, as most other auto makers do. Nor does it practice useless style changes to make each year’s car look “newer” than the last.

Obviously she is a time traveler.

no surprise that the one complaint is about a German designed part.

I like the Volvo XC 90 toggle gear selection.

That is by far the largest picture I’ve ever seen posted on InsideEVs!

Tallest, at least! And fuzziest / Least Clear of all I have seen – even of the Model X in traffic! Looks like a Close-up taken while focused at Infinity!

Solution – use the right settings, and – take an overview shot – highlighting/ annotating/circling the area of importance – with a second shot of it close-up!

Yes, that was odd…usually anything much north of 775 won’t show up/embed. Anywhoo, I’ve shrunk it down manually/”old school”, lol

Thanks. 🙂

The rings of Saturn?

Space Leather?

Yep! 15Mb of picture does that! If you right click and ‘open image in new window’ you can see what it is… a button. No, really.

What I don’t get is how this is better than the 100% intuitive stalk which, ignoring everything else, you can use without taking your hands off the wheel. I got the impression that she couldn’t find anything to criticise and was too small-minded to just say – “It’s perfect”. It isn’t, of course, but that journo’s for you! MW

I recently had an opportunity to use the shift stalk while driving in a way i never had before – freewheeling through a series of rolling hills (hypermiling). I would not want to have to use that Volvo shifter or especially not the Fiat 500e pushbotton shifter interactively while driving. Even having to reach for either of those in a hurry would not be very comfortable (safe) e.g. shifting into neutral to glide to the side of the road.

The Tesla/Mercedes stalk works just fine. Easy to find without looking (feel), responsive (not a lot of force required), good looking. Very useful as an emergency stop device (park mode, don’t try that in any other car).

Dont fix what’s not broken. Its fine.

Wonderful review of an attractive vehicle by an attractive woman! Like the reviewer, I feel the column shifter is a throwback in such an otherwise futuristic car.

I don’t want push button gear selectors, like the 1961 Plymouth with slant 6 engine.

I like the steering wheel lever.