Bloomberg Discusses Tesla’s Nationwide Dealer Battle – Video

APR 29 2014 BY ELECTRICCARSTV 6 Editor-In-Chief Matt Hardigree with Bloomberg’s Matt Miller, Edward Niedermeyer and Jamie Butters, discuss Tesla’s direct-sales strategy on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

States the description linked to this video.

Tesla’s dealership battle will not fade away anytime soon.  That’s guaranteed.

But the fact that it has drawn such national and even international coverage now means that Tesla won’t be able to battle dealers without all eyes watching the automaker’s every move.

It’s our belief that Tesla still needs a teammate on this one.  Without a major ally, Tesla in essence fights these battles alone.  That was proven in New Jersey where the power of the people was ignored.

But what does Bloomberg think os Tesla’s ongoing dealership battle?  Watch the video and you’ll soon find out.

5 People Are Required To Discuss This MAJOR Issue

5 People Are Required To Discuss This MAJOR Issue

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6 Comments on "Bloomberg Discusses Tesla’s Nationwide Dealer Battle – Video"

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Best free ad for Tesla I’ve seen in a bit..

And one of the commentators admits to having bought one. Brilliant. 🙂

Wouldn’t it have been nice to have at least one panelist who actually understood EVs.

Every time people complain about Volt and LEAF sales I immediately ask them if the considered the Toyota Prius HEV a success and if so, why do they consider a market that is moving 3x the pace of that market a failure??

Are these panelist really that ignorant or is it orchestrated? I really don’t know. I tend to believe the latter for they have had years to study this market. No mention of the service model etc.

“Its not righteous indignation that makes me complain, it the fact that I always have to explain…” Van Morrison

Didn’t he just say he “optioned one out”? So, maybe he just went on the website and picked some options he liked. I don’t think he ever said he owned one.

“5 People Are Required To Discuss This MAJOR Issue”

Here’s a story…

Yes, I think Mark is correct. He optioned one out, Whoopee! They are overpriced economy cars?
Lame. I would say Tesla is the next evolution of transportation and cannot be properly supported by an archaic, vampiric, inefficient, ill equipped, service departments, at least to service Tesla, and an under-informed, lowly motivated, and possibly hostile sales staff, to service and sell my vehicles.
I did like the worshiping at the Tesla pyramid image.

Niedermeyer! Lol!

You’re worthless and weak! Now drop and give me 20!