Bloomberg Analyst: Nissan’s EV is Ahead of its Time – Misunderstood

FEB 17 2014 BY JAY COLE 10

While commenting on Nissan’s most recent quarterly report – which wasn’t quite up to par thanks to some currency swaps with the Japanese yen, the hosts get onto the topic of all electric cars and Nissan’s role with them.

Despite Recently Passing 100,000 LEAFs Sold,

Despite Recently Passing 100,000 LEAFs Sold, Richard Parkin Feels Nissan’s EV Is Still A Little Ahead Of Its Time

For the most part the 2 hosts of Bloomberg’s finance show have little understanding of plug-in cars (which they demonstrate), but guest analyst Richard Parkin (Glass’ Head of Valuations and Analysis) is clearly more well versed.

“The electric vehicle may be a little ahead of its time, but it is one of those platforms that it could be one for the future – and certainly the industry is looking to them to see how its going to perform over the next few years.”

While rolling footage of the LEAF’s Smyrna assembly facility and the EV itself, the group also doubles back on the topic of the LEAF a couple times during the interview.

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Its hard to take someone seriously when they don’t even know how to pronounce Prius.

Yes, the one woman couldn’t get her head around that EVs and hybrids are different.

Its sooooo difficult to understand how an electric car works! You look at your range guage and if it reads 30 miles and you want to go 80 miles you would just drive until the car quits and then walk the rest of the way. Thats the way we use ours. Its wonderful.

What’s interesting based off of me talking about EV’s to people is that people do have a hard time between plug in hybrids and EV’s. When you talk about those two type of cars you have to carefully explain the differences between them and how they work.

Yesterday I was talking to someone who owned a Prius and they where very happy about the idea of the plug in SUV made by Mitsubishi in that they liked the idea of a plug in truck or SUV.

I was asked about the LEAF by someone at a body shop (don’t ask). I said “it’s like a hybrid, but without the gas engine”. They got it.

not in terms of styling it isnt, nope.

This is exactly why EVs are having a difficult time being accepted by the average person (or as I call ’em, “Wal-Marters”). They just have no idea how they work.

Even some of the above-average-intelligence people I work with (software development) have difficulty understanding that my car takes NO gas at all. The thought that flammable, noxious liquids must be poured into your vehicle every 250 or so miles is so engrained that they can’t fathom a vehicle with no gas in it.

Agreed. Even after I tell them it is electric only, they ask about my mileage (“5.6 miles per kwh” leaves them perplexed) and some want to know how much gas it holds. When they are told a second time that it doesn’t use gas, doesn’t have an engine (only an electric motor) most can’t imagine how the car could be useful with only an 80 mile range. The fact is that I only use my ICE vehicle about 5 times a year (not counting going for an oil change or smog check). It sits unused for 2-3 months at a time.

Most people have absolutely no clue what their real driving habits are. The way so many people talk about range, you would think everyone has a 200 mile commute to work or the grocery store.

Got to love it when finance know-it-alls give folks lifestyle advise…