Blink DC Fast Chargers Now With Upgraded CHAdeMO Connector (Video)

MAY 9 2014 BY MARK KANE 12

YAZAKI Next Generation DC Charging Connector

YAZAKI Next Generation DC Charging Connector

YAZAKI DC Charging Connector

YAZAKI DC Charging Connector

Yazaki is the company behind the CHAdeMO connector, which EV owners loved from the beginning with the handy locking lever.

Those connectors were used in almost all CHAdeMO fast chargers, but times are changing and more often we now see new Yazaki or Sumitomo connectors, which have the latch and eject button just like J1772 plugs. Just in time for the standards war with Combo plugs.

These are way better.

In the video below we can see that some Blink DC fast chargers were upgraded to the next generation Yazaki connectors, as old ones maybe had often broken levers.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV Recharges at a (Functioning) Blink Station

Mitsubishi i-MiEV Recharges at a Blink Station

“To clarify this is still a CHAdeMO connector just the new “Next Generation DC Charging Connector” handle manafactured by Yazaki with great improvements in ease of operation.”

“In fact Yazaki manufactured the previous version CHAdeMO handles with the large release trigger that are heavy and goofy at best to operate.”

“Auburn, WA BLINK Electric Vehicle DC Fast Charger got upgraded to the next generation DC Charging Connector.”

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Set to stun!

So competition helped them improve…

Yeps, Yasaki might have been the first out there, but Sumitomo, JAE etc all came up with much more intuitive designs.
Yasaki had to do something — and not only it did, but the result looks very convincing. Well done.

Also, the fact those connectors are now getting installed in the US means that they must have cleared all regulatory approvals at long last, so likely new installs will feature those new handles from the start.

Looking forward to trying them, they seem so much easier (and faster) to use than the clunky original.

Thanks Yasaki and Blink/CarCharging! (and Mark for sharing the good news!)

Competition: SAE CCS Combo and original SAE J1772

Hmm, how so?

Yasaki sells inlets and connectors, tons of them, including probably most J1772s anyway.

IMHO, competition won’t come from another standard — if anything, Yasaki likely looks forward to selling more connectors — but from other companies offering superior products.

REMA remains the only company making CCS (Combo 1) handles. Given its track record (links below), Yasaki might not consider it a serious threat…

Looks like an improvement.

That does look MUCH better than the handles we have here in DF/W.

We got one here in our Silicon Valley headquarters about 2 weeks or so back. They are a huge improvement. They also lengthened the lead cables here, so now we can reach the neighboring parking spaces without having to angle in to the charger.

Seems like blink is moving again. My only complaint would be that there are not nearly enough chargers. We have upwards of 20 leafs, increasing all of the time (we have been adding about a leaf per month). We could use 2x or 3x the number of chargers. None of this blink’s fault, of course.

I haven’t used one of these new plugs yet, but from the video it looks as easy as a J1772 plug now which is awesome. The old plugs required a lot of effort to insert and have all sorts of levers / buttons to push to get things to engage/disengage.

Now for eVgo to get on the ball and start using these new stations and for CarCharging to figure out how to make these stations reliable.

Bonus points for installing additional stations at existing locations – in many places the location is good, but having additional stations would keep people from finding all stations busy broken at a location.

Indeed. I like how this station had what appeared to be a couple of level-2 stations and 2 fast charge stations. That works out great so the people who plan to be there for a while can use the slower stations (or those who’s car doesn’t support Chademo)

I have used these new CHAdeMO plugs a few times now. It is far lighter and easier to use than the old plug!