Blindfolded Soccer Player Attempts To Kick Ball At Near-Silent Nissan LEAF – Video


Professional soccer player Thiago Silva has a rather simple task: kick a soccer ball at a moving car.

Well, it would be simple were it not for the fact that he’s blindfolded and the car he’s trying to hit is the near-silent Nissan LEAF.

Can Silva track the LEAF’s sound and hit it with the ball? Watch the video to find out.

The Target

The Target

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I love our Leaf, but this ad is misleading. We are stuck with the annoying whistling sound to warn pedestrians and this is not silent.

VSP Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians turns off at 18 mph

You can easily get into the habit of always switching this annoying sound off when you start driving 🙂

2012 model Leafs and newer don’t have an off switch for that sound.

I’ve driven a 2012 and 2014 leaf and I own a 2011 Leaf.

Just turn on Air conditioning…

Carly Lloyd would have easily made it 🙂

Oops… her first name is spelled Carli.

I’m still in the afterglow of those 15 minutes.

You can disable the low-speed noise, the back up noise, and the start-up chime all in one fell swoop. I didn’t have a leaf for 24 hours before I disabled ’em.

If you are blindfolded, then you wouldn’t even see the soccer ball or certainly won’t strike it right even if you know which way to aim…

This is stupid and pointless demonstration.

Also, as quiet as EVs powertrains are, anyone who drives PEVs know that at hwy speed, the wind noise and tire noise more than make up the difference and if you look at the dBc rating of PEVs compared with “similar priced” ICE vehicles, they aren’t much quieter at hwy cruising speed except during hard acceleration.

Here are some data:

In Car and Driver’s EV comparison, all the current crop of BEVs have a 67dBA sound level at 70mph cruising speed and full throttle only increases it to 68-69dBA.

In the similar 4-cyclinder Midsize sedan comparison, the Fusion has the same 67dBA quietness and Accord is at 68dBA and Altima is at 69dBA. The major difference only happens at full throttle where those ICE models jump to 71dBA and 75dBA…

The big difference only happens when you compare the BEVs to small econobox where their 70mph cruising are typically around 71-74dBA and full throttle are near 77-80dBA.