Black Friday, Saturday, Sunday Lease Deal – Fiat 500e For $49 Per Month With $0 Down


From now through Sunday only, you can lease a Fiat 500e for just $49 per month with $0 down.

No typos there…

As Motor1 states:

“What can you get for $49 a month these days? Other than a Netflix subscription, not much. What you can get, though, if you live in California, is a brand new Fiat 500e. This Black Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Orange Coast Fiat in Costa Mesa, California, is offering a “Limited Inventory” lease of its all-electric 500e hatchback for just $49 per month for 36 months with $0 down.”

Here’s the lease deal straight from Orange Coast Fiat’s website:

Lease Deal This Weekend Only - Click To Enlarge

Lease Deal This Weekend Only – Click To Enlarge

There is some fine print, as usual (like turning over your qualifying California CVRP rebate at point of sale and turning in a competitor’s leased car), so the actual rate you pay may be slightly higher if you don’t meet all of the requirements – but quite frankly they aren’t too¬†onerous, so many would indeed qualify.

Here’s the fine print blown up so it’s readable:

Fine Print

Fine Print

A $49* electric car? Hard to pass up a deal like this. Unfortunately, it seems to be limited to just this one Fiat dealer in California, but it appears as though lots are available (see inventory here).

Source: Motor1 via Green Car Reports

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Love that $18K residual for a 36 month lease. At, they’ve got 4 2015 500e’s for $8,999 to $10,999. With that kind of unrealistic residual (which also lowers the payment) I’m guessing no one ever buys these at lease end.

They do . . . but after they end up at and other such places.

They’ve had the same deal in Santa Monica for a while. Now I think they bumped it to 69….

Correct, SM Fiat and Van Nuys Fiat had this deal through October and the first half of November. I have it in my records that it was for a 2016 though, not a 2017. They are now up to $69/mo for a 2017, still a pretty awesome deal, good through 11/30. Glendale Fiat has the next best deal at this moment, $49/mo for 36 mo, $2500 down + 1st payment + $595 acquisition fee to start. It may actually be the same deal as OC, but the fine print says “plus fees” at Glendale, whereas the OC deal says “plud doc fees”. So I’m erring on the side of caution. Both OC Fiat and Glendale Fiat say “plus tax and license”, so it’s not like you can hand them $2500 and expect to drive away. Tax and license at inception should be about $1000 since the factory lease incentive is $7500 (I think) and license should be about $300. Oh yeah, there’s also the fine print that say if you don’t qualify for their $1000 lease conquest rebate, you’ll need to come up with another $1000 down to get that $49/mo. Historically, Glendale Fiat and OC Fiat have offered leases… Read more »

Fiat must be needing some more ZEV credits.

The head of Fiat said do not buy a 500e they lose money on each one.

Yea , But what a Deal ! @ $49 its a no brainer even as a spare car got a better chance winning a Lottery than to see a deal like that in Canada…Everything in Canada is sooooo Expensive ….

Actually a couple years ago the Electric Smart Car was offered for about 100 bucks a month here in Toronto.

Fiat / Chrysler is dumping 100 Fiat 500e lease returns on the market every week.

Nobody buys these at lease end.

Remember what the Fiat CEO said, “Don’t buy me car”.

Looks just like the one at the LA Autoshow that crashed on the test drive injuring the pedestrians. One less Fiat 500e for sale now.

No customer is going to buy these at Lease End for $18K. FCA is going to have to offer at least $ 8K in incentives, at Lease end, to get customers to want to keep the 2016 500e after 36 months of bargain driving. Try the 2016 Leaf S at $ 89.00/per month. Nissan Sunnyvale doesnt apply for your CA CVRP $2500. You make out the application and wait for the check. And, no conquest lease cash hoops to jump through. + 12k miles is better than 10K, along with only $ 0.15/per mile excess, instead of an onerous $ 0.25 excess mile charge. The 500e is fun to drive around the corners, and a cinch to park.

I would be happy to pay double that still. Nothing like this sort of deal to compare in Europe. And my lady adores fiat 500, should would love it over Zoe any day. Such a shame. Amy of those ex inventory fiats which could be brought to UK?

Yep, best Zoe lease in UK is $250 down, $250 per month, 24 months x 7,500 miles. Hard to compete with $0 down, $49 per month!

Word is that OC Fiat was reported to Chrysler for this. They aren’t allowed to lower the value by this large a margin as it undermines the national and regional sales efforts. look for what happens to OC Fiat as this progresses. Also the deal is not a “zero” drive off. You pay $2500 to drive off with a $49 payment – THEN you go get your $2500 back from the state in a few months – which is taxable.

This time next year, when both Bolt and Model 3 are on the market, car makers will have to literally give away these low range EVs to get their ZEV credits.

Either that, or these compliance cars will need a big upgrade from their manufacturers.

There will most likely be some auto manufacturers that goes out of business or disappears into other companies during this technology change that we are witnessing.

My bet is on Fiat being one of those companies that goes away…

Yup – Fiat Chrysler will not be around long….

Except they are the first with a plugin minivan and google is using it as their test bed for autonomous driving.

Love how everyone’s tearing this apart instead of just saying wow what a great deal. Maybe not for me but for someone it’s a brilliant deal! Yes no one buys these at lease termination. That’s the whole fuking point as they write off the loss when they sell them at auction for 5 grand.

The $5K Manheim Auction Price in 2019 will be right in line with the other under 30K mi. / 3 yr. old EV compliance cars going under the Auctioneers gavel. That will be one heck of a write down for FCA, from $18K > $5K. That is some creative accounting with a $13K Write Down!

100 percent. At my work in LA three of us have these (all have luxury ICE, too)…. bargain commuter and you get to use carpool lane. Foolish not to take advantage of a giveaway like this. I’m thinking of the bolt next, but at these prices I’ll take another 500e and wait for the next round of electrics.

If you want to see EV’s fly off the shelf, just start offering $2500 plus $49/month EV’s in very poor Buffalo.

They probably wouldn’t sell any gasoline fiat 500’s at all!!

Anyone who could finagle an extension cord thru a window to recharge the things would buy one.

1 dealer in California is a far cry from making these available all over. Sales of 200-450 a month is not much. Their total in 2016 so far is only 3,790 I’m not impressed.

I jumped on this deal for my wife. Her lease on her Leaf is up Jan 1 , perfect timing.

$69 +tax
$15 Wear and Tear (optional)
$20 HOV sticker
$2500 down payment ( you get that back California rebate)
$804 Drive off ( DMV tags, first month payment etc )

Theyll have this deal tomorrow , lots of cars in stock.

Tip: If you are getting the wear and tear option its $20. If you wait until the finance guy , he’ll offer it for $15. Also pay this up front so your not taxed on this for 3 years.

Was this at OC Fiat?

That deal sounds like the Santa Monica Fiat deal which says $69/mo + $2500 down. Other dealers in San Diego aren’t as good: Bob Baker is $59/mo + $3999 down (twice as much as OC overall). Mossy Fiat is $69/mo + $3500 down.

Thanks for the info Dave, I’m going to start tracking lease offers from these dealers on .

The Mossy deal is probably identical to the SM deal; fine print says the factory rebate is $7500, which probably means that they didn’t include the $1000 lease conquest (SM Fiat deal does include it).

Can anyone explain how they can say no money down but then ask for $2500 down. Just because you are turning over the rebate it is still $2500 down. The guy I spoke with was not exactly a friendly kind of guy but that is irrelevant.

SparkEV-Fiat500-Leased - M3 Reserved - Bolt- TBD

a little better than the major deal back ~3/2015. ~$3800 drive off. But had the ePass rental benefit at that time worth about $400/year.

great car, but alas, got a dog now and can’t get another 500e as too small for the fam needs now. — that Fiat MiniVan does look appealing….

My wife loves her 500e

did you not read the fine print. zero down plus tax fees 1st payment and rebate. so total upfront is going to more then a couple thousand