Black Friday Deal: BMW i3 Lease Only $99 Per Month


BMW i3 Lease Deal

BMW i3 Lease Deal

As part of its Black Friday specials, BMW of Vista (Vista, California) is offering a $99 lease deal on the BMW i3.

The fine print states that this deal is available on only two stocked i3s, but similar offers are available on the rest of the dealer’s i3 stck.

Basically, with over $4,000 due at signing, you could grab an i3 for $99 per month for 24 months on a low-mileage (20,000 total mile) lease deal.

Sure, only a select few will score this deal.  However, the point of presenting it here is that the general trend for monthly lease rates on the i3 has been steadily dropping from what was once $900 per month to now in the ballpark of $350 or less (depending on incentives, down payment, etc.)

It seems now is the time to buy a 2014 BMW i3 before the 2015s enter production in January of next year.

Source: BMW of Vista

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Tesla Fan

thats really tempting… but only 20k miles for 2 years?

i’d rack up way more than that just driving the car around or fun


+1 No point in it. And why bring $4,054 to signing, and not just offer the $6,454 and be done with payments?

Mike I

Putting that much money down on a 24 month lease is stupid. If somebody hits your car and it’s totalled, you just lost your whole down payment. $4,000/24 months is $167/mo. Add in taxes and fees and this is really $300/mo with no money down.

See Through

Well, you get back $2500 from CARB.


Actually, no, you’d need to keep the car for 3 years or more to qualify for the CVRP check.


Great deal for the right person. About the same as a Leaf or Spark EV or Fiat 500 EV. Yes you need to consider the down, as well as the fact that it’s not eligible for the CA rebate, but for less than $200/month it’s pretty much a free car when compared to an ICE.


Have I missed something in the lease fine print? CA residents who lease cars receive a $2500 check direct from the state.


You only get the ca rebate if the lease is 3 years or longer


Hmmm. So does anyone get to use the CA rebate on that car. I wonder if the second purchaser can use the CA rebate, since the car was not “rebated.”

See Through

I think, this is why the per month rate is low. The bank buys it and claims the $7500 tax credit and the $2500 CARB rebate.


Bmw gets the rebate. They use that to offset price.


I’m tempted too, but don’t drive that much and have a perfectly good car for that purpose.

Should I drive more to justify it ;)?

It’s basically $6500 to own the thing for two years, $3250/year, not including insurance (which is probably close to $600-800/year). So, let’s say $4,000/year just to have the car.

Sure, “fuel” only costs 0.02/mile, ($200/year), but the fixed costs are hard to justify. My last gas car had fixed costs of well less than $2,000/year, our iMiev just over $2k/year. I understand the i3 is a more refined product, but it is still just a way to get from point A to point B (and no real road trips since CCS won’t be around for another few years, if at all [these lease rates are for the non-REX version])

… is it worth double the yearly costs?


And those lease rates (I didn’t get) were also with very little down (maybe $1.5k). I know some people got $99/month with NO money down.

David Murray

Hmm.. So with 4,000 down that is really no different than paying $266 per month on a zero-down lease. But that is still actually a good deal for an i3. If I could get an i3 Rex for $350 or less with zero down, I’d take it.


If you could actually find one to lease, that would be great. Lack of inventory is the problem.

The Smart ED has a similarly low lease of $99/mo with less than $1500 in fees. They sell out quickly at that price.

Birch Hansen

I just called the dealership and spoke with Jack Collins. Jack provided excellent customer service and verfied that BOTH vehicles are still available. Jack says though you need to sign the paperwork in person.

Oh Wow!

Oh Wow! They’re still available? I’m getting them BOTH today; one for me & one for my partner.


Are you joking are you serious