All-Electric Black Current III Sets 1/4 Mile Record 8.282 Seconds! Video

SEP 7 2016 BY MARK KANE 21

Black Current III

Black Current III

Current Racing smashed the world record for electric car acceleration (well, it is more or less still a car).

The Black Current III set the new ¼ mile standard at 8.282 seconds at 159.09 mph at the Santa Pod Raceway in UK (full videos below).

That’s even far out of range for the Tesla Model S P100DL, or even the Model S P200DL.

Not too shabby for a 1965 Volkswagen beetle body car.

The key is to have three large DC series motors and two 680,000 Watt 440v Z2K-HV controllers powered from 864 x Lithium Cobalt Oxide cells (LiCo4).

As Black Current is an ongoing project, several years old with its latest incarnation, we could expect that even better times (sub 8 seconds maybe) are still to come.

Black Current III

Black Current III

More about the project here,

Video (via Facebook):

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I think Voltswagon would be a better name.


What is Tesla S P200DL?

Two Tesla S P100DL stacked on top of each other.


Now imagine what they could do with three AC motors!

It still doesn’t seam like people, even promoters, are not taking electric car racing seriously. This car looks like it has almost 1.4 MW of power. The top fuelers that do a 5 second quarter mile at 300+ mph only produce about 3 MW of power.

It’s nice that electric car racing is breaking records, but the general public is not going to take EV racing seriously until EVs can match the performance of ICE cars. ICE cars broke the 160 mph quarter mile seventy years ago. The only race I know of where EVs can compete with ICEs is on the Pikes Peak hill climb where the EVs have the advantage of not losing power at higher altitudes.

Please forgive my double negative. I meant that it doesn’t look like people are taking EV racing seriously.

People like the extra Heat in hot weather ,the rumble ,the ear splitting noise, & the Pollution smell & smoke that goes with the I C E .

People have the perception that heat and noise from a vehicle is synonymous with power, it’s not. Even at peak performance only about 30% of the energy in the fuel burned in an ICE gets converted to power, the rest of the energy gets lost as wasted heat and noise. Maybe when people begin to understand that much of what they enjoy about motor sports events is just waste their perceptions will change.

But we need to provide examples of real power without the waste noise and heat. I for one am looking forward to EV stock cars that can run 500 miles 200 mph with no noise and EV dragsters that do a 5 second quarter mile with no noise. The car in this article represents an achievement but we have a long way to go.

You, of course, understand that ICE racing has had a huge head start, right?

The technology is there for an EV dragster but nobody is putting it together. An EV dragster with a VW Beetle body, that’s not serious. Let’s see somebody drop a 3 MW electric motor in a top fuel roller and see what THAT can do in the quarter mile.

There are EV dragsters out there but of course they aren’t top fuel level.

“The current record is held by Don Garlits. The QF200 dragster broke the previous record of the “Current Eliminator” on August 10, 2014 with a 7.274 second ET at 185.60 mph in the 1/4mile DR/A3. class[2] Powered by a 1.5 MegaWatt battery built by Derek Barger of High Tech Systems LLC.”

OH Yea ! ICE The Only, The One, The best !! L M A O…

EVs already beat street legal gas cars , nothing beats a Tesla to 60mph. Not even million $ super cars
And this example could even drive nicely down the street, something as fast a gas racer could never think about doing.

Interesting: DC motors and a two-speed transmission.

I associate DC motors with cheap, inefficient conversion EVs, and older, pre-1990 EVs. Perhaps there is more utility there than I realize? Can a properly engineered DC powertrain really compete with an equally well designed and powered AC powertrain?

No, he can’t. But u need some serios engineers to do it and that’s something the drag team don’t have.

Of course u can by the AC motors and controllers but u need to implement state of the art control strategy like FOC (field oriented control). This way u can take the most out of the motor, something which the brushed DC motor cannot do.

They should list all EVs specs in the actual #. My Volt has 110,000 watts of power!!!!!!!!!

Where’s the video? I don’t see any.

Hey Peter.

Bottom of the story, there is two embed links (via Facebook) of the run

Grease them hinges man! Sheesh.