Bjorn’s Tesla Model S FAQ #1 – Video


Bjorn Nyland’s highly popular series of Tesla Model S videos have led loads of commenters to ask Nyland various Model S questions.

From the Secret Vault of Bjorn's Tesla Model S Video Files

From the Secret Vault of Bjorn’s Tesla Model S Video Files

Rather than answer those questions one by one (a time consuming and daunting task), Nyland will creat a series of FAQ videos, starting with this one, which is aptly titled FAQ #1.

“A FAQ I made during video #4 which I haven’t released until now. I figured I could upload some videos while waiting for the next trip.”

FAQ #1 comes from Nyland’s secret vault of Model S videos.  Actually, it was recorded during video #4, which we’ve embedded below.

You’ve got questions, Nyland has answers.

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this thing is 32 minutes long.
The OP should tell us where in the Video the FAQ is answered for those that don’t have the time to sit thru the whole thing.

GeorgeS: I have to agree.

Don’t want to throw cold water on anything here (I have enjoyed Bjorn’s earlier videos and will probably enjoy this one if I get to it).
But there is a growing internet tendency to try to make us sit through X minutes of video instead of X/10 minutes of reading which can be easily skimmed.

O.K. I’m a curmudgeon. I’m retired, but I am starting to say “Enough with the videos already!”. Even MY time is not that cheap!

Oh, and to the purveyors of this “Richer internet experience”: The more of my time I waste being enthralled by your charming videos, the less time I have to do all that clicking on those wonderful and fascinating ads!