Check Out Bjorn’s BMW i8 Test Drive, Fake Exhaust Sounds FTW


Bjorn Nyland loves BMW, so he had to test drive this fossil car even though he felt like he was killing polar bear babies.

Despite the polar bear comment, this isn’t the first time Nyland has tested the i8. He says its the first and last time he’ll test an ICE car. However, he previously drove an i8 on the Autobahn, but this was not quite the same. Bjorn also admits that he owned a gas-powered Bimmer prior to becoming an EV fanatic.

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As you can see, the i8 is quite a chore to enter and exit. Nyland says the interior is representative of a BMW, for the most part. But, he notices some cheap features, like visors with no lights, and low-grade materials, which he compares to Tesla.

While the i8 provides a nice ride on a road like the Autobahn, its low profile and sport suspension make for a bumpy and noisy ride on “rough Norwegian tarmac.” No worries … you can cover some of that up with the “fake” V8 sounds, which are highly amusing to Bjorn.

Nyland’s other interesting observations include the lack of space, impractical cabin design, and the car’s lag when you hit the accelerator pedal. However, he does say that it’s plenty fast. Needless to say, Bjorn is entertaining to watch regardless of what he’s driving.

Video Description via Bjorn Nyland on YouTube:

Normally I don’t test fossil cars. But this was an exception because I love BMW. Last time I tested i8, it was on smooth German autobahn. This time I had a different experience with the car.

Below is Bjorn’s previous i8 experience on the Autobahn:

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BMW i8

BMW i8 Roadster at the 2018 NAIAS
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BMW i8 Roadster at the 2018 NAIAS BMW i8 Roadster at the 2018 NAIAS BMW i8 Roadster at the 2018 NAIAS BMW i8 Roadster at the 2018 NAIAS BMW i8 Roadster at the 2018 NAIAS BMW i8 Roadster at the 2018 NAIAS BMW i8 Roadster at the 2018 NAIAS BMW i8 Coupé at the 2018 NAIAS BMW i8 Coupé at the 2018 NAIAS BMW i8 Coupé at the 2018 NAIAS BMW i8 Coupé at the 2018 NAIAS BMW i8 Coupé at the 2018 NAIAS BMW i8 Coupé at the 2018 NAIAS BMW i8 BMW i8 Coupe BMW i8 Coupe BMW i8 Coupe BMW i8 Roadster BMW i8 Roadster BMW i8 Roadster & i8 Coupe BMW i8 Roadster BMW i8 Roadster Inside the BMW i8, Image Credit: BMW BMW i8 BMW i8 BMW i8

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11 Comments on "Check Out Bjorn’s BMW i8 Test Drive, Fake Exhaust Sounds FTW"

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Another great video by Bjorn.

The fake exhaust sound… lol.

Tesla Roaster is going to spank BMW i8 big time if BMW does not significantly improve i8 prior to Roaster start of production… 2020 + Elon Time Warp Adjust = ~ 2021.

Since I know a little something about aerodynamics, pls. explain how Tesla will attain their performance claims with an open-roofed vehicle? Even fossil Bugatti closed coupe runs out gas @ top speed. BMW i8 Spyder already available @ fraction of cost of either.

The beauty of this car is it’s Eco Clean and Quiet until you need speed. Based on an assumption that batteries are in short supply and very expensive.

But, then Tesla changed the game.

Will have to see if Bjorn can keep it in Ninja mode to get the full electric range. And that’s another problem, you’re so tempted to run it in Sport mode.

Now, let’s look at the GENIUS of the BMW i3 REX Sport.
Sport mode is 100% electric so if you use that, you’re only buying MORE Solar or Wind Power, while you enjoy Clean Speed Driving.

It really needs more range in the E_Drive mode.

This does, however, have the quiet advantage of the i3 at low speed driving in cities, suburbs and on country roads, where you can turn up the Volume and enjoy, for example, Dire Straits “Dire Straits”, as if you were in a quiet room with zero engine noise.

I think what is happening here to him is the same as what happen to me when I replaced my hard drive with a SSD.

I could tell I was faster, but I really did not think I had seen that much of a speed up. However, I had to switch back to the hard drive at one point.

All of a sudden, I noticed every delay! I found after using the SSD I had gotten use to near instant response the SSD gave me. I did a few benchmarks and for large files the SSD was only 2-3 times faster in moving the files but there was a big difference when file copying started.

With the SSD copying started right away, with the HHD I had to wait while the OS checked the free space on the HHD and the size of the file(s) to be copied.

Those delays do not take a lot of time, but once you get use to no delays each one seems to take forever.

Test a hybrid drive with a nice SSD buffer. You get the size, speed and price advantage.

Which idiots would buy such a lame duck sports car wanna be? It failed in both fronts! EV range and muscle car. Only immature adolescent S would admire that silly sound.

Umm…its pretty damn fast for a sports car with a Honda Civic Size 1.5L 3 cylinder engine. C/D tested it in the high 3 second 0-60 range for the less powerful version. Exotic carbon fiber Construction. Higher speeds its pulls just about as hard as a P100D. (see the YouTube video high speed acceleration comparison ). Most hybrid carbon fiber sports cars run $1 Million. (918, P1, La Ferrari). The i8 isn’t quite as fast, but it also costs 1/6th as much. Drive down Rodeo drive in a Tesla, it stands out about as much as a Camry. The i8 on the other hand still looks like a special car that stands out from the crowd. That exotic status with the ability to pull out of the neighborhood in absolute silence is a compelling enough reason from some people to buy the i8.

Well It’s fast but not as fast as C&D says.

If it was 100% Electric it would be way more compelling.

I hope this is the Last I see Or Hear of this i8 ..& the same goes for the i3…It’s time for BMW to get Seriously “SERIOUS” about Electric Cars ., Start Over & STOP With These Nonsensical Cars.