Bjorn Test Drives A Tesla Model 3 – Video


Famed YouTuber Bjorn Nyland got some seat time behind the wheel of a Tesla Model 3.

Bjorn Drives A Tesla Model 3

Nyland is known for his informative, yet often humorous, video reviews. His in-depth Tesla (and electric) knowledge makes him one of the most well-respected automotive reviewers in the electric space and this is why we’ve come to appreciate and share much of his content.

Once again, Nyland doesn’t disappoint.

It’s 54 minutes worth of Model 3 review video, so make some time to fully absorb this one.

Video description:

“A demo of how Model 3 feels like when driving it. Sorry for the shaky front camera. The road wasn’t the best. This was shot around San Francisco, USA”

Of note is that the tested Model 3 belongs to You You Zue. We hitched a ride in this same car a couple months back. Check out our write-up from that experience here.

More Bjorn Model 3 videos below:

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Another Euro point of view

How not to like Björn’s cars reviews, he is so completely himself, so “human”. Also, it appears very obvious he has no agenda whatsoever thus candidly testing each car with it’s own merits but also mentioning the improvable aspects.

I really liked Bjorn’s BMW i3 drive thru Norway(?). Beautiful landscape, and amusing banter while he passes people.

I took a test drive because of that video.
It’s a great car.

@Eric Loveday

Did Jay Cole leave InsideEVs? Under the “Staff” tab at the top of this page, he is no longer listed as an editor at InsideEVs.

Using the Wayback Machine internet archive, on January 27, 2018, Jay was listed as “Editor-at-Large” at InsideEVs.

On February, 7 2017, (Motorsport Network) acquired InsideEVs. As part of that deal, did Jay agree to stay on as Editor at InsideEVs for a period of one year, which ended on February, 7 2018, after which he left InsideEVs?

Did they really think that name thru? Motor1??? Really?
Were they looking for a buyout from Exxon.

Because, every time I see that I say bad advertising dollars for MOTOR 1 OIL.

He is still listed as staff at insideevs.

Hes the best

Bjorn like how it drives.
Bjorn no likey clumsey interface.

Hurry up with voice commands Tesla.


That single screen policy is a huge failure.

“You will care” -Elon

I usually like Bjorn’s videos, but that camera shake makes it awfully hard to watch this one.

Another Euro point of view

Model 3 bad suspensions perhaps ? 🙂

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

California Sh1tty streets.

They raised the Gas taxes for road maintenance but the streets are still just as sh1tty as before. The ghetto patch/fill work they did keeps falling apart and the holes get carved back out. Almost like they put bubble gum in the holes and each car that rolls into it pushes the gum out.

On top of that they earmarked much of the funds for pet projects for other counties for things not related to “Road maintenance”.

Pennsylvania here. There really is no good pothole patch mix yet.

Do you live in the area to make that claim like a stupid troll?

I actually live in the area and know those routes very well (drive them weekly). (I used to drive to hw1 Mt. Tam) just for fun on those windy roads.

The stretch around I-580 is bumpy which is mostly roads, but the stretch on the hw1 or the repaved part of the I-80 is all Model 3.

I wouldn’t say that is horrible but it just shows how “Firm” the suspension is. That is not surprising and confirmed by other auto reviews. That is typical of firm suspension/sports sedan that are designed to be very firm/responsive. So, don’t blame the roads.

That is just trade off. I don’t think sport cars enthusiasts will mind much but those who are used to LEAF/Camry/Accord/Volt may want a softer ride. Maybe the base version can have a softer setting.

Unless they are going with magnetic rides, it would be hard to have both firm tuning and cushy rides.

That is funny a troll calling someone else a troll. Your right though it may not be just the bad road it could be the model 3 was running over all the vagrants, tent cities, pan handlers and the trash, piss and poo that they have spread all over.

@Trollnon – “They” raised gas taxes on January 1st of this year. It’s a little ambitious to expect that “they” took the money from the last month and rushed over to SF to pave the bumpy roads.

Another Euro point of view

I note here that Bjorn mentions the lower charge rate as compared to S & X. As this Model 3 is the long range version, battery size seems not to be the culprit. Now as Model 3 was allegedly designed to be cheaper to built, it could mean that component that allows faster charging is expensive enough not to be included in a $44K EV. If anyone has more info about this I would be curious to know as fast charging capacity is what will make or break EVs in the long run, maybe more important than battery capacity.

Let me follow up on our previous discussion about CO2 levels. Do you believe everything you read on the internet?

There’s a lot of debate about both temperatures and CO2 levels from millions of years ago. But the evidence is much firmer for the last 800,000 years, when ice cores show that CO2 concentrations stayed tight between 180 and 290 ppm, hovering at around 280 ppm for some 10,000 years before the industrial revolution hit.
Since you believe everything you read on the internet the above paragraph is a clip from the same article you quoted from to defend the ridiculous notion that we have accurate data about CO2 levels 500 million years ago. CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR STINKHOLE LOL and don’t believe everything you read without applying some common sense to what you read BELIEVE ME

“…fast charging capacity is what will make or break EVs in the long run, maybe more important than battery capacity.”

I think that’s right, but not until ultra-fast-charge times get down to 10 minutes or less. The industry trend is toward higher charging power and faster charging with each new generation of EVs, but it’s almost surely going to take a real breakthru in battery tech, perhaps solid state batteries, before we start seeing mass produced EVs with a charge time that won’t be a deal-breaker for the average car buyer.

Model 3 on board charger is 40 amps at 240v which is about 9.6 kw. Model S standard on board charger is about 11.5 kw, double charger is about 17.2 kw.

Supercharging rate is set by Tesla with no control to the user other than the top level percentage.

‘NAF’…! Almost as bad as ‘NADA’!!!

Jetting around the globe in the kerosene bomber testing electric cars (and their efficiency) for a few hours or to attend a presentation of a few hours (invited by Tesla) … well, some people obviously drive electric cars not for ecological reasons, although they may pretend to do so. And others even encourage them in that behavior. Hypocrisy at its best.

The transition to electric vehicles and clean renewable energy is a slow process, just get out of the way and jump in once it is very easy and convenient for you, it’s ok to not have grit. Stay calm and relax and let the people with grit lead the way. CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR STINKHOLE LOL