Bjørn Stink Bombs His Own Tesla Model X In the Name of “Science”

Bjorn tests Tesla Model X Bioweapon Defense Mode


Will the Tesla Model X’s Bioweapon Defense Mode be enough to protect them against Surströmming?

Bjørn has a long history of conducting fun and sometimes bizarre field tests on a wide range of electric vehicles. His Tesla Model X has most often been the unfortunate test subject.

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This time, Bjørn asks the question: can the Model X Bioweapon Defense Mode protect him against Surströmming? The Swedish canned fish that is widely known as the most vile smelling dish in the world?

It’s a question we have all been asking. Until now we have never been able to get a straight answer out of Tesla. But at last, a fearless man of science arrives to answer the tough questions. Someone inform the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences that we have our winner for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Check out his findings in the video below.

Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

Swedish surströmming is the world’s most smelly food. We tested opening a can in Tesla Model X equipped with Bioweapon Defense Mode. When things got bad, we could suck out the smell. At least most of it.

Special thanks to Jørgen Winther-Larsen for assisting me.

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There’s something worse than lutefisk. That’s what I just learned.

Haha. We been joking over here about lutefisk as soon as we all watch the video. Nice! We need to contact Nyland and tell him to try it with both.

I’m pretty sure opening Lutefisk and Surströmming in the same location is considered a war crime.

Smell my finger 🙂 Lutefisk is NOTHING compared to Surströmming. That is just fish with the consistancy almost like a jellyfish. Rakfisk … more like it. That is fermented too. Fermenting fish is a really old way of preserving it. The Romans used to do it, in Norway it has been mentioned in texts back in 1348. In Sweden it started (in volume) after a lack of salt – due to wars lead by the Swedish king Gustav Vasa. I’ve been to Sweden, and have eaten it with people I know. First of all, they opened the can under the surface of the ocean. Then they rinsed the fish (it is super salty and a bit slimy) a bit in sea water, again maybe a bit in fresh water – and ate it together with flat bread, potatoes, raw red onions, fried yellow onions, some sour cream and maybe some prim ( a kind of soft cheese.. they start to make it the same way as a Norwegian brown goat cheese, but it is boiled for a shorter period – so it have the consistancy as honey that has been in the fridge for a little while.. have never seen… Read more »