Bjorn Shows Us What It Takes To Capture 5 Seconds Of Video


All That Work For 5 Seconds Of Video

All That Work For 5 Seconds Of Video

The videos presented by Bjørn Nyland are probably the most-watched Tesla Model S videos produced by an individual.  There’s a reason why we love Nyland’s production.  Each and every video takes a considerable amount of effort.  The result is a near-professional level video, with a bit of that likeable Nyland personality.

In the video above, Nyland shows us just how much work it takes to produce 5 seconds of useable video:

“This is the raw footage from video #5. I was on my way from Hemsedal to Bergen. In the beginning, some people asked me if I had a film crew with me. I don’t. I do all the shooting myself.”

To watch the 5 seconds of video that Bjorn focuses on, flip forward to the 10:20 mark in the #5 video below.

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Reminds me of the TV show Survivorman, where Les Stroud has to do all his own filming. Whenever you see Les walking off into the distance, he then has to come back and get his camera. Basicially he does everything twice.

I have my own youtube channel and I have to do stuff like this all of the time. I’ll spend 10 or 20 minutes sometimes to get a 5-second video clip. It’s the pits not having a camera crew.

Couldn’t he drop the wife off and have her film it 🙂

This has got to kill his range…

Didn’t even clean the back of the car… ;oP

I suspect your temporary frunk issue was due to a lump of ice getting in the way of the mechanism… maybe?

You appear to be the ‘Dell Boy’ (see ‘Trotter’s Independent Traders’ – – for context) of Norway… I suppose it’s one way of paying the hire purchase…