Bjørn Nyland Visits Samsung’s EVAR Autonomous Charging Robot: Video

SEP 12 2018 BY MARK KANE 6

EVAR is an autonomous charging robot for parking lots

Bjørn Nyland seems to find the gold mine of interesting EV stuff in South Korea, presenting another slick development.

The latest episode is about the Electric Vehicle Automatic Recharging (EVAR) robot, at the Samsung C-Lab Project.

EVAR can autonomously find and approach an electric car that needs a recharge (the need must first be signalized through the app). When EVAR  finds the car and connects to the special EVSE adapter attached to the registration plate, it offers 7.4 kW of single-phase charging from a 10 kWh battery. The proof-of-concept spec, of course, could be different in the future with higher power and a bigger battery.

Does the market need such robots? We are not encouraged at this time as the cost of installation of dozens or hundreds of outlets that share power (which is important) would probably be more cost effective, but who knows.

EVAR team released today also official video:

“Automatic charging robot with high capacity battery for EV cars, which drives autonomously within the parking lot”

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i like Tesla s snake charger better ,just have to pair it with powerpacks and give it wheels

Good idea for some parking garages, even removing the “robot” part and of course standardizing connections

This is a great idea, minus using a battery to charge the car. The losses would be very high by the time you charge the robot battery with AC, convert it to DC and then charge the car with AC that on-board charger converts to DC. A much better design would to have power tracks in the ceiling the robot could connect to and then just act as a conduit.

Not having dedicated EV spots is the dream though.

I hope while it’s moving around it has a little wobble and says, “Gonk!”

Should have given it some binocular eyes and named it WALL-E

I like the fact that it uses recycled batteries 🙂