Bjorn Reviews Tesla Model S 70D – Road Trip Video

OCT 9 2015 BY MARK KANE 15

Bjorn Reviews Tesla Model S 70D – Road Trip

Bjorn Reviews Tesla Model S 70D – Road Trip

Bjørn Nyland took on an extended test drive – from Oslo to Bodø and back in the Tesla Model S 70D, one of the entry level Teslas – in fact, the least expensive with AWD.

And by ‘extended test drive’ we mean both in length of drive, and in the review itself, as Bjørn cut the test drive into two parts.  (The first appearing above, 2nd below)

According to the first part of the review, the 70D averaged 187 Wh/km or 301 Wh/mi.  Overall, the driving experience was great for Bjørn, especially in wet conditions.

Titanium Metallic looks good. Interesting is the license plate number “EL 68000”. So many Teslas these days in Norway. Tesla alone is approaching 10,000!

The 70D tested had Next Gen seats, which are excellent for driving (especially on winding roads), but could be considered too tight for just resting for some.  “(Next Generation seats) could be a bit cramped if you are, how will I say it…if you love junk food”

According to Bjørn, the Next Gen seats turned out to be good for sleeping though – “I slept like a baby” (yeah, sleeping was part of the test).

Part 2 of the test drive was just updated on Thursday, Bjørn notes the following (along with rethinking the seats):

“Second part of the 70D review. On this video I drive 1200 km in one day. The Millennium Falcon (P85) did the same trip in 16.5 hours. The goal is to drive 70D in less than 17 hours.”

Tesla Model S 70D - Image Credit: InsideEVs / Mike Anthony

Tesla Model S 70D – Image Credit: InsideEVs / Mike Anthony

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I think the 70D is really the best bang for the buck when buying new. The reason being it gets darn near the same range as the P85D. The 70D is lighter and uses less kwh/mile…..and when you specify “P” it automatically drops the EPA rating.

In the used dept I think a used plain jane 85 is the best deal. 60G’s though. Tough nut to swollow.

Looking fwd to the rest of the articles.

If a used 85 is 60G then a 70D is cheaper and better.

I can buy the whole car (plain jane 85) 61K bottom line without tax.

They usually have air suspension. Plus other goodies. I’m buying in Ca but I live in AZ so when I import the car I still pay tax but at only 5.6% which is a lot less than buying it in Ca.

Bottom line around 64.

The new 70D will be more and will have less range.

The sound proofing alone on the 70D is enough for me to opt for it. Why should I buy an old car when I can get a new one for the same price?

Bjoern is right it is very good value for money. I think what Tesla can do now is market creaming. It will be easy for Tesla to sell a front wheel drive model S for less than what the 70D sells for. A front wheel drive car is just as good as 4wd and much better than rwd. It will be a lot cheaper and you can also have a fwd for the same price of the 70D but instead of the back motor you will get a bigger battery; longer range. Elon mentioned that by 2017 if not 2016 a 1000 km range will be available. Many think that this long range will be done on a 40 km/h speed. I don’t think he meant it that way. With the new added Silicon to that battery you can easily extend the energy density, thus a doubling of the 90D well exceeds the 1000 km. And it will be the same price as a 70D today. Let us see if even Nissan can beat that.

FWD is NOT as good as AWD. Try doing a quick launch on a right turn, even on dry surfaces. The FWD will spin its wheels; the AWD will not. RWD is even better than FWD in that same scenario. I miss my i-MiEV’s rear-wheel drive compared to my LEAF’s front-wheel drive.

– During the last two decades, the percentage of fwd cars built in the United States has soared from 1.1 percent in 1975 to 85.9 percent in 1995.

What does the 60 cost. I wish that I could contact Mr. Musk. He can help this world by providing an all electric car that gets 500 miles to a charge. Plus have it cost from $35 thousand to $50 thousand us. He could help get rid of people in the oil industry. He would really live up to his company’s Name TESLA.

Hi Allan, welcome to the electric car movement.

“What does the 60 cost.”

Tesla can make a 500 mile range car, but the cost would be a lot higher than $35K to $50K.

In regards to Elon Musk, with a little research you’ll find Elon Musk and Tesla Motors are the 1 of 2 driving factors in pushing the industry from gas to electric vehicles. Historically, Nissan is the second factor.

In regards to costs and range of Battery Electric Vehicles, you might want to research the Tesla Gigafactory and the Tesla Model 3.

Also research 2017/2018 Nissan Leaf.

The need for long range is one of the biggest myths of EV ownership; An ICE with a ~200 miles range would be very unattractive due to the need for more frequent trips to the gas station… when your driveway is your ‘gas station’ this becomes a non-issue.

70D starts at €82k in Europe, I can also buy an Audi A6 AWD or BMW 5 AWD for €42k. It seems that Teslas are a much better deal in the US compared to EU. 🙁

It costs less than that if you factor in the cost of fuel oil etc. In some EU countries there is no incentive like in the US. Let us hope that the VWgate changes that. But the punch line here is that the 70 D is by far quieter quicker and more roomy than any of the ones you mentioned.

Compare in Germany – VAG’s home base.

€82k for the Tesla, €75k after incentives.

€49k for the cheapest A6 quattro, 2.0L TFSI. To meet the Tesla’s performance, you need to pay €55k (2nd tier 3.0L TDI or TFSI).

Keep in mind that in Germany, Audi and BMW don’t have the same “luxury” brand status they have in the US. Once you option up the A6 to match the standard Model S – larger wheels, navigation, Homelink, folding mirrors, etc – you’re up to €60k.

Do the same comparison in the US.

A6 premium plus 3.0 TFSI quattro largely matches the base 70D with leather seating. $77k for the Tesla before incentives, $70 after vs $57k for the A6.

It’s about the same in the US. Either way, after incentives the Tesla is about 25% higher.

Promotech, only in Germany or In any other LHD EU country there is no incentives and those Audi list prices can be heavily discounted, check this site –

So it really is 82k vs 55k, so almost 30k difference unfortunatelly

Makes me want to go to Norway; looks beautiful.