Bjørn Nyland Wins Tesla Model S Ludicrous P90D Through Referral Program

JAN 8 2016 BY MARK KANE 20

Tesla Delivers 17,400 EVs in Q4 - Hitting Fully Year Guidance In So Doing

Tesla Delivers 17,400 EVs in Q4 (some 5,000 new orders comes from referrals through November and December)

One of the most famous Tesla bloggers, Bjørn Nyland from Norway, won the second Tesla referral program for the European region (again), as he collected the highest number of referrals to buy a Tesla.

The previous time the prize was a founder’s edition Model X, Powerwall & Gigafactory tour. Now, the prize is the top-of-the-line Tesla Model S P90DL, plus again a Gigafactory grand opening tour and Model 3 unveiling.

The first Tesla referral ran from late June to October 31, while the second one went from November 1 to December 31.

Bjorn Nyland At Tesla World 2015

Bjorn Nyland At Tesla World 2015

Bjørn Nyland won the first two contests in Europe, while Canada’s Sylvain Juteau won the first for the North American region and has a big chance at winning the second, according to Teslarati.

But the top referral maker overall is a “person named Wei from China” who collected 188 referrals in the second round (compared to 51 Bjørn and 34 Sylvain). 188 referrals sounds like well over $20 million in revenues for Tesla.

Teslarati says that there have been nearly 5,000 referrals total (November and December), which is a big part of the 17,400 Model S/X delivered in the last three months (October-December). Though the referral number is high, we’d guess that most Model S buyers would have still bought the car even without the referral program in place.

Here's what will happed next:


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I Agree that “MOST” these people would have bought a Tesla anyway ,That extra Nudge from a true believer, really does help to Make that final move. Influence is a Powerful Motivator, These guys promote the product as if they owned the company, and that Plays n Big! It Can’t hurt!

The Tesla promotion and information he did for free, was well worth all the cars and tours and power walls he got, or will get.

While I have applauded, and will continue to applaud, Bjørn’s tireless efforts at promoting Tesla’s cars, I think it was a mistake for Tesla to set up the contest rules to allow the same person to win two (or more) cars.

It’s not merely a matter of appearing unfair; it’s the matter of discouraging others from making an effort to promote Tesla cars. If a lot of other people think they have no chance to win because one guy is pretty much guaranteed to win all the contests, then those others won’t feel the incentive to promote Tesla’s sales. They won’t feel the incentive which was the very reason Tesla set up these contests.

Well, if every company took away the incentives for their top award winning salepersons, then sales would suffer a from that too. Remember this guy invested his own time doing all his Tesla videos, etc. No rules saying others couldnt have done the same.

You both make great points but there must be a solution somewhere in the middle…..

Yep. change the rules so that Prior winners are not eligible to win the grand prize. There will be people stepping up to fill the gap.

I certainly agree, Elroy, that a competition between salesmen employed by a company shouldn’t be limited in such a way that the same person can’t win twice. That would be, as you say, a disincentive; I think it would be a foolish policy.

But that is a case of a competition between a rather limited pool of people. In the case of the contest under consideration, everyone except Tesla employees can compete.

That’s quite a different situation.

I agree, I was just thinking that.
Maybe they should have done it as a lottery among those who made 10 or more referrals, with some consolation price (Powerwall, perhaps?) for everyone who made it to 10.

if your any good at maths anyone could have gained a free car (but not a limited edition one). Each sale knocked off $1000 for the buyer and gained $1000 credit for the owner/referer. so 100 cars sold and bang new car just like bjorn. Not everyone did it for the big prize some just wanted 5K off their next purchase

Time to employ these winners to become Tesla representatives in their regions.

Who knows? Perhaps Tesla would save more just paying these guys a salary. Keep the referral program – just employ these guys – obviously one could not have more passionate envoys of the company.

I went to a SJ Sharks game yesterday and I saw a couple of different things of Silicon Valley royalty.

In the Parking lot, I saw a P90D Model X:

And in front of the Shark Tank, I saw The Woz . . . Steve Wozniak, the co founder of Apple Computer. I was too starstruck and shy to ask for a selfie. Damn it! I totally regret that. I had an Apple ][+ in high school. I’m a huge Woz fan . . . he was the real engineer. Jobs was more marketing/sales guy . . . flim-flam artist.

I would say the referral program has been a success.

Expect to see this back from time to time whenever Tesla wants to put a spike in demand.

It’s the PayPal growth model all over again (maybe not surprisingly), except with $100k cars not free online payment accounts.

Congratulation to Bj0rn. Again.

A middle way could be that first winner must abdicate the second time. The third time he is in again

Congratulation Bjorn and yes it is official for Sylvain as well

I doubt Tesla expected such a high level of response.

Maybe they could offer Model S 70D for 2nd and a Model S 70 single drive for 3rd?

Also, each Region population differs quite a bit. Maybe they would be able to break it down by country in the future.

Congratulations Bjørn!

Glad to see you win again. Good luck with your decisions on how to handle this windfall wisely. I am confident you will, and I look forward to watching your future videos.


Below is pure historical fiction:

Mr. Nyland to Mrs. Nyland: You questioned my plan of selling the house to buy a Tesla to use as a cargo transport with free fuel and to blog on the side!

Mrs. Nyland: I’m not questioning now!

He has been doing this for years, and the MS orders that his videos helped will never be tallied – he answered nearly every question -real world- that a prospective buyer might have, and on his own dime until the referral program started.
Must’ve seemed a little crazy to his future bride, way back when.

ok, not year S, hehe
congrats Bjørn!