Bjørn Nyland’s Tesla Model S P85D Review – Video




Grab some popcorn, or whatever your favorite snack is, because you’ll be watchin’ another Bjørn Nyland movie. (75 minutes)

Bjørn was able to temporarily obtain a Tesla Model S P85D last month and during this time, he provides us his full in-depth review of the electric car.

One other thing that makes this video stand out more than the other P85D reviews is that Nyland compares his very own 2013 Model S P85 to this dual-motor Tesla.

You will be able to see/note the differences and improvements to both. It’s insane!.. Literally.

If interested, check out the P85D taking a drive on the German Autobahn in the video below:

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4 Comments on "Bjørn Nyland’s Tesla Model S P85D Review – Video"

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The most dangerous place on earth is between Bjørn and a camera.

A little Bjorn goes a long way, but I enjoyed the joy ride pacing the sports car.

Just because YouTube has made it easy for people to post videos online, doesn’t necessarily make them worth watching.

Reminds me of my step-father, a Protestant minister. He used to tell a story: “I once was asked by a member of the local Rotary club how much preparation I’d need to give a 15 minute speech. I told him two weeks. Well, how long would he need to prepare to speak for 30 minutes? Oh, perhaps a week. What if we wanted you to speak for two hours? ‘Oh, in that case,’ I replied, ‘I can start talking right now.'”

A 75 minute review isn’t a mark of in-depth reporting; it’s an indication of lack of discipline, or laziness, or both.

His girlfriend is super cute though …