Bjorn Nyland Visits Tesla’s Store In South Korea – Video


Tesla just recently opened its first two stores in South Korea in March.

Store #1 is inside the Starfield Hanam, a shopping mall located in Gyeonggi Province, while store #2 is the one visited by Bjorn Nyland in this video.

Outside Tesla Store In South Korea

Video description:

“I visited Gangnam district in Seoul to see one of two recently opened Tesla stores. There were only Model S 90D for display and test drives. Hopefully they will get some Model X over there to really attract more attention.”

As we have noted in the past, booking a test drive for a Model S in South Korea means that you’ll likely land yourself on a six-month waiting list due to the popularity of the electric car.

The only version of the Model S on sale now in South Korea is the 90D, which starts at 121 million won ($107,000), but maxes out at 161 million won if all the option boxes are ticked.

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Another reason for the increased cash burn in Q1

Another one-note attack from a Tesla hater who is likely a competitor or a shorter. I have been hearing the “Tesla sky is falling” nonsense from the Chicken Little haters, since Tesla stock was $30. Now its almost $300. and most of the shorts were recently cleaned out.

The cost for Tesla to expand into South Korea is likely just a few million. Its adding a country for pocket change for Tesla! Its trivial, compared to the billions in sunk costs that were ALREADY SPENT to develop these cars.

It would make more sense to whine about the cash burn to build the Gigafactory. But most people are coming to understand its their giant non-secret weapon in a battery cost war.

Also, only a Tesla hater or bear could think it a bad thing to drum up new sales in an ally that also speaks English! (Its another nail in the coffin of the slowly dying ICE and oil industries. Why don’t bears reserve their hatred for those?).

Short interest (shares held short) in TSLA is around 30%. Many shorters have gotten their clocks cleaned, but there is still a large number of shares held short.

It’s odd that Tesla seems to care less about one the main attacks, by the bears, against them, but as you point out, it costs a lot of money to expand.

“It’s odd that Tesla seems to care less about one the main attacks, by the bears, against them, but as you point out, it costs a lot of money to expand.” Tesla and Musk realize that bears’ interests are antithetical. Does McDonald’s take marching orders from Burger King? You didn’t seem to grasp that to Tesla, spending a few million to sell cars in Korea is dirt cheap. Relative to its ~30 billion dollar Enterprise value, Tesla is just using pocket change to expand into a friendly country. BTW, its not “odd” they ignore the cash burn argument of bears; its part of Tesla’s Masterplan updated, as detailed on Tesla’s web site. Its too complicated to fully explain here, but in a nutshell, know that Tesla does NOT want to to expand slowly and organically from their cars’ margins of around 22%. Instead, they have chosen the path of explosive hyper-growth, growing as fast as possible, expanding production over 50% a year! They are trying to become a Fortune 500 company by about 2020. They are over half-way there. Oil was the Black Gold that powered the 20th Century, making many rich. Batteries and EVs ARE the electric gold of… Read more »