Bjorn Nyland Tesla Model S Outtakes – Video

bjorn model s tesla


Fans of Bjorn Nyland’s Tesla Model S video series will enjoy this “outtakes” episode:

bjorn model s tesla

Bjorn Slides His Tesla Model S Into Position

“Outtakes and bloopers from video #2 to #7.”

Says Bjorn.

What we especially like is that we get a chance to see all the effort/work Nyland puts into his highly viewed series of Model S videos.

These aren’t so much the make-you-laugh sort of outtakes, but rather a collection of errors made by Nyland during his ventures.

For examples, yes water sprayed on headlights to clean them will freeze and no it’s not as easy as it appears to fishtail a Model S into place at a Supercharger station.


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Not nearly as entertaining as a drug addict parking his Model S in the middle of the PCH at rush hour, tossing his clothes out the sunroof, then ‘dancing’ naked for his audience:

Check out Bjorn’s “trailer” of his upcoming cape trip video. It is a great 3 min teaser:

Much more interesting than the out takes, IMO.


Funniest thing: a city called “dumbass” 🙂
Nice work!