Bjorn Nyland Shows Off His Model X Ultra White Seats After 30,000 Miles – Video


Tesla’s Ultra White seats ($3,300 option on the Model X) are described by the automaker as “being stain resistant, easy to clean and best of all seats during high-volume test drives,” but how do they fare in the real world?

Not So White

To find out, we turn it over to Bjorn Nyland, a Model X with Ultra White seats owner.

Here’s his video description, posted after logging 30,000 real-world miles in his X:

“I did a noob mistake by wearing brand new (unwashed) blue jeans in my Model X with ultra white seats.

The result is that there are quite visible blue stains on it. After cleaning it with Autoglym, it was a lot better. But some of the stains are still there.”

Bjorn isn’t the only one to post a video focused on the Ultra White seats and their durability or lack thereof. Here’s a 20,000-mile Ultra White review for comparison.

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He also made the mistake of not wiping down the seats st all. All stains including blue jeans come off easily if you try to keep them clean.

I wish they would offer an Alcantara seat option, but until then, I’d still pick cloth seats.

I’m with you on that.

We had the white seats since May 2016, with two kids on year later I would say they look very good still. The plastic around the cupholders not as much, and the backs of the seats got some scratches from being kicked, but nothing super major.

Overall I am impressed with how well they held up.

MarkZ has some issues with the tan ones if I remember correctly he said he had to put something down to keep from staining them.

Also,I think he got the last perforated ones. Seems like Tesla quit making perf Leather seats. He just got a new Model S90.

““I did a noob mistake by wearing brand new (unwashed) blue jeans in my Model X with ultra white seats.”


That is just dumb. Unwashed blue jeans will even stain your underwear if it is white or light colored…

I wash just about all my clothes before I wear them. (except for wool,silk or leather products).

Not just because of the color but also the chemical preservatives they put in for selling it looking best, always wash new clothes before wearing.

My Model S’s gray leather seats have blue jeans stains on them after a couple months. Maybe that is why they discontinued those. I bet the black cloth would hold up the best.

Yes indeed

Why the heck not

Not a Tesla, but the Honda Fit EV comes with white (actually slightly off-white) seats and door panels that are made of an experimental sugarcane-based fabric.

Stains like crazy, the seats seriously look like hell. If I wasn’t leasing the car (with no post-lease inspection to worry about, luckily) I’d be very pissed. As it is, the car just looks like crap inside.

I don’t have any personal experience with the situation, but I’ve seen a surprising number of complaints on the Tesla Motors Club forum about dye transfer onto seat leather from blue jeans. No other type of clothing, just blue jeans.

The solution suggested on that forum is to get towels which are a close match to the color of the seats, and sit on those if the driver and/or passengers are gonna wear blue jeans while seated in the car.

Personally, this is just one more reason why I prefer cloth seats. Who wants leather ones, especially non-perforated ones? They don’t breathe so are beastly hot in the summer, make your back sweat, and they’re cold and stiff in the winter.

I had some cars with leather seats (BMW) because it was the only option. Even with seat warmer it was a horrible (cold) feeling within the first seconds and minutes during the winter season and also d*mm hot in summer. And the leather always looks worse after some time compared to the cloth variant.

I expect better from Bjorn; this is a terrible, misleading video.

The SAME thing would have occurred with tan or grey seats, yet he ascribes his own stupid problem (wearing new blue jeans without washing them?!?) and degrades the Ultra White seats? How about some interior shots of another 50k Model X with other interiors? No sample size, no control group, just a grossly misleading video that many who don’t think well will accept as some sort of data when it’s just garbage.

Worse, no mention of the moral and ethical implications of the NON-Ultra White seating choices, or the mass belief in unbelievable things that results in people wearing blinders about the consequences of their choices:

TEDx Talk that summarizes it all:

There isn’t the slightest bit of balance in your post; it’s completely one-sided.

How much pollution is generated in the manufacture of synthetic leather? Is that really better for the environment than natural leather?

BTW — All that discarded “hair, fat, meat, sinew” is organic matter that will be naturally broken down and returned to the environment. It’s not “pollution”. I dunno who wrote that article you linked to, but he was clearly promoting an Agenda, not telling Truths.

I opted for the standard black cloth seats in my Model X and love them. No stains and very comfortable in hot or cold weather. Sometimes, utility beats class.

So tired of these nouveau riche techno savvy consumerists whining about such a trivial matter. The Tesla is a wonderful product in that it’s ushering in transportation overhaul and bringing it to the masses. On the down side it still hearkens to the populist notion of elitism and excess for the sake of image. What’s wrong with a less is more approach? We are too often the victims of our own success when our wants and needs becomes so blurred and a source of more stress and distraction from what really matters for us, our families and the planet….that’s right this, our only planet. The Sion out of Germany is perhaps closer to the direction we ought to take in so many ways. Put a damn seat cover on it ffs.