Bjorn Nyland Offers Suggestions For Model S Firmware 7.1 – Video

NOV 20 2015 BY MARK KANE 4

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Bjorn Nyland prepared an interesting comparison of the 6.2 and 7.0 firmware from the non-Autopilot user perspective and is providing suggestions for changes for the upcoming 7.1 update.

Most of the suggestions are accurate, as it seems that Tesla worsened ergonomics of some data in 7.0

In the instrument cluster, useful indicators of range and driving mode (P R N D) in the center were moved to the left and right, replaced by a not very useful car icon and odometer. And on the right the date is gone.

Also, the old trip meter was awesome, while the new one is almost useless according to Bjorn, especially because it resets after you stop the car and open the door.

There are alot more suggestions for the touchscreen and all of them are presented below, while Bjorn hopes for comments about other changes.

“I describe some of the differences between software 6.2 and 7.0 and suggest changes. When I get enough comments and views, I will tweet Elon Musk this video.”

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Lots of similar comments / complaints on the Tesla Motors Forum. We know Tesla reps do read the forums, and we can expect Tesla to respond to at least some of the complaints and suggestions.

I can understand why Tesla added the picture of the car and its immediate surroundings, showing (for example) when Autopilot can detect the edge of the car lane. But IMHO the picture should have been displayed to either the right or left of the speedometer, not right in the middle! Hopefully a future upgrade will change that.

Nissan’s quick graphic of their Piloted Drive GUI looked almost exactly the same.

If you’re not driving, why do you need the same GUI? You don’t want to better monitor what the computer and sensors are doing by making them dominate the center display while in that mode?

I would like to see duel backing / reversing lights instead of just the one. not sure if this is common to all countries.

Here’s an idea, why not offer the ‘new neato’ abundant changes to the driver interface as an Option?
This fascination with change for apparently change sake is damned irritating (I checked with three friends at the bar after I designed it and They all said it was Great!)