Bjorn Nyland Drives Tesla Model S P85D 452.8 Miles On Single Charge – Video


New Record!

New Record!

Tesla Model S owner Bjørn Nyland and his friend Morgan Tørvolt claim to have set a hypermiling range record for the Model S P85D.

According to Nyland, he was able to go 452.8 miles on a single charge.

Of course, this was achieved at low speeds (25 MPH or so, says Nyland), but still this is a remarkable achievement considering that the EPA rates the ranges car at 253 miles (combined – highway/city).

Here’s the video description:

“Tesla Model S P85D sets new world record in hypermiling. The car drove 728.7 km, 452.8 mi on a single charge. Start and stop point was supercharger in Rødekro, Denmark.”

And Bjorn’s Tweet declaring the duo’s new world record:

Bjorn Tweets Of World Record Drive

Bjørn Tweets Of World Record Drive

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This will ensure a new Tesla fan is bjorn every minute.


lol 🙂

Bjorn to be wild.

This 452mi trip will give Tesla fans a new status to look up to, a new Bjorn identity.

Another fuel Bjorn every minute.

at this time of the year, you could probably get 350 miles out of a full charge without gimmicks if you just drove in a reasonably energy efficient manner.

Great thread! Oh, and cool post, too. 🙂

‘Bjorn free’ (of petrol)

Ok everyone knock it off with the play on words, its getting a little repetitive and Bjørn-ing.

Right. So I won’t sing: “I was Bjorn under a wandering star.”

”Bjorn” in th USA.

Tesla is!

Knowing Bjorn’s propensities, I was worried this would be 20 hour video. I’m glad he restrained himself (a little).

452.8 miles is impressive distance, but it should be possible to drive even further. This is “only” 179% EPA range. 2013 Leaf has been driven 188 miles, and that is 224% EPA range.

Well, that Leaf drive was under 20 mph, and maybe nobody has patience to drive Tesla so slow.

This is not bad, but it is still 180 Wh per mile. My EcoV operates at 120 Wh/mile at 25 mph. My EcoV is a family of 8 different models that can do a lot more useful affordable work than a Tesla and it will cost 1/10 of a Tesla at $11,999…if 25 mph is your choice.

A worthwhile project. Perhaps if Tesla bought them they would actually get produced.
Destruction of the oil patch, plummeting gas prices, has somewhat lessened the interest in such vehicles.
Well suited for the European market.