Bjorn Nyland Discusses Tesla Model S Software 6.2 Update – Video


6.2 Software update example.

6.2 Software update example.

Bjørn Nyland discusses the recent Tesla Model S software update Version 6.2, which was the OTA update to “end range anxiety.”

You can check out more details on the 6.2 update by clicking here.

Based on what we see and hear in Bjørn’s video above, it does seem as though any range anxiety that did still exist with the Model S should now be gone.

For example, Bjørn mentions that the new software update takes Superchargers into account to wherever your destination is, and that the car tells you how long you should charge at a Supercharger.

We cannot wait to see demonstrations of these new features, which we’re certain will show up on YouTube as soon as Model S owners receive their 6.2 software update.

BonusHere’s Bjørn’s video of the update announcement


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Tesla should give him an updated car, so he can test / sell the updated models better…

I think the advertising he does for them, should easily cover the cost.

“Rated Range” most commonly over-states the actual miles you are apt to get from a Model S. 6.2 didn’t change that, and I don’t think range anxiety will fully go away until the false confidence does.

Rated range is brilliant, and here’s why. Unlike all the other Guess-O-Meters, rated miles are always 100% accurate. While driving, you use the real-time energy graph screen to compare your current consumption to rated. The graph gives you a running average too, for easy comparison with rated. The car will also tell you how many miles to expect based on current condumption. All this is far more useful than a GOM, IMO. Like I said, it’s brillant.

No estimate of remaining EV range can possibly be 100% accurate. The computer can’t possibly know about all factors, such as traffic conditions and changing weather conditions. Nor can they predict when a drive will suddenly need to make a side trip that wasn’t part of the original range calculation.

I did read one claim that the Model S’s new range estimator will give accurate results for all but about 2% of trips. That sounds like a reasonable claim. An “end” to range anxiety? No. That will take a lot more than just good software. Making range anxiety a rare thing? Yes, and congratulations to Tesla for achieving that very real advancement.

Rated range is 100% accurate. It assumes 300 Wh/mi, and doesn’t deal with actual conditions/variables at all. In that regard, it is therefore basically a fiction, but it’s always accurate. As Rated, not Actual. Combined with the actual energy used readout, it is very informative.

That’s a good point PJ, one of my few criticisms of the Model S nav. More accurate range based on recent performance would be great. Being able to adjust the amount of reserve (zero point) would be great too.

It already gives you that data, in two different ways/places. The first one I describe above, and the 2nd is on the energy screen, on the consumption tab.

One missing feature is the ability to plan your trip not sitting in the car. Some sort of Windows/Mac/smartphone app that has the same functionality as the TripPlanner and allows you to ‘up-load’ the finished plan to your MS would be welcome. MW

Good idea!