Bjørn Nyland Discusses Tesla Autopilot 2.0 – Video


Bjørn has been posting an abundance of videos lately – and obviously, people value his insight and opinion. The video comments can often be as informative or more so than the video itself.


Multiple Tesla Vehicles Occupying Charging Spots

Here, Bjørn shares his view of Tesla Autopilot 2.0 and some of his own ideas for its most appropriate uses. He is also battling with whether or not it is something that he needs or wants.

Video Description:
With the introduction of autopilot 2.0 hardware, the car can drive itself (autonomy level 5). I (Bjørn Nyland) have a few ideas on what it can be used for. And I also discuss whether I should get it or not.

While Bjørn is clearly fascinated by the technology, and well aware of its monumental impact and contribution to automotive safety, his love of driving – and many of us would probably agree – makes the new technology decision a struggle.

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More videos Bjorn! MORE VIDEOS! Who needs a real job in a welfare state anyway?

He got ahead there in a capitalistic way.
Plus, he does work.

REALLY?! Societies function because people do REAL JOBS! No more AM radio for you!?

I appreciate Bjørn making all those videos to promote Tesla cars, but… 39 minutes of rambling, repetitive remarks? I’m amazed that so many people put up with that sort of thing. Much as I love Tesla, this exceeds my interest level. I realize that this is an amateur video and not a professional one, but there is still no excuse for a narrator rambling on for three times as long as he needed to because he refused to take the time to write a script for his talk, or at the very least write an outline for his speech. I also note that while the video does have closed captions, it’s obvious that this was done with a speech-to-text generator, and also obvious that absolutely no effort was made to correct the many, many errors in the generated text. Now, if you want to see an amateur Tesla review video done right, packing the maximum amount of information into the least amount of time, while still taking the effort and time to use visuals to illustrate her remarks, see for example this one with a 9-year-old girl as the narrator: And yes, I realize that she (obviously) had help… Read more »

Bjørn has made some interesting videos, but by and large he’s an intellectual dwarf. There’s not an original thought in this entire video and many people saw everything he mentioned and more years ago. But for those who enjoy it, I guess there’s no harm.