Bjorn Nyland Captures Video Of Facelifted Tesla Model S


Facelifted Tesla Model S

Facelifted Tesla Model S

YouTuber Bjorn Nyland has captured some high-quality video of the new, facelifted and lightly refreshed Tesla Model S.

As Nyland states:

Facelift Model S has the following new features:
– LED adaptive headlights
– HEPA filter with bioweapon defense mode
– Standard center console (not removable)
– Forward radar hidden behind the plastic under the T
– 16.5 kW charger (no 22 kW option anymore)

The consensus is that the refreshed Model S is an improvement over the old model, even in the looks department. This video provides us with one of the first up-close looks at the new Model S and we must admit that the new front end is a vast improvement over the old nosecone style.

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So cute to see how disappointed is Bjorn when he realizes that there is not pockets in the doors. 😀

I’d like to see it w/out the ugly plate holder in the front. Those aren’t required in my state.

The front plate bracket completely ruins the looks of the car…

Yeah, WTF? Lose the plate holder and it won’t look half bad.

The front plate holder is required in most markets.

Yeah, holy smokes, that is ugly. My state requires front plates but I would rather jerry-rig the plate down in front of that low scoop area. Or get an old Model S nose cone. Or get a Model 3. 🙂

I don’t like that Model X style nose . . . but with that plate-holder it is really bad.

The CGI promotion pictures Tesla provided suggested a complete restyling of the body but it looks like it’s mostly just a new front.

Being CGI pictures I expected reality to be quite different, and frankly not for the worse.


Doubtful. Where are these “Tesla CGI” promotional images?

They didn’t post the unedited version of the video. At the end the owner finds this guy ogling his Tesla and administers a severe public beat down!

The guy was mad because someone was looking at his car? Weirdo. Get over it dude, it is in public.

I think you might want to adjust the settings on your sarcasm detector. 😉

Get rid of that stupid license plate bracket.

If you want to see my license plate you look at on the rear, not the front. Its not hard to use your functioning legs and take a couple steps to the rear of the car.

You misunderstand, a front plate is a legal requirement in some states and 99% of the rest of the world.

Not having front plates is pretty stupid IMO. Police using a reverse-facing ANPR camera can pick up the license/insurance/tax data from vehicles behind them as they drive along. It also enables people who witness dangerous driving and only see the front of the offending vehicle to still acquire a plate.

However, the need for the ugly bracket confuses me. Here in Europe most front plates are either A) stuck on to the car using high-strength sticky pads, or B) fixed directly to threaded screw-holes in the front of the car. No need to elevate, as special extra thick sticky pads are available for fixing plates on curved fascias.

The front plate holder screws on, if you don’t need it, it won’t be there at all, if you do need it, it will be covered by the, well, plate! Calm down people.

If you live in a no-front-plate state and want to buy a used Model S, all the ones from front-plate-states will have holes in the bumper cover.

It is very rare to see front facing license plate in this squarish format in Europe. It is mostly reserved for truck rear end or used cars imported from the US. Car license plates are wider and half as high in Europe. I would vote to get rid of this ugliness, make it optional and leave it for states that require it. But I’m not going to buy it anyway so my vote doesn’t count.

Well, in theory, EVs can drive just as fast in reverse as they can forward. However, they tend to have limiters that prevent driving really fast. Someone removed the limiter on a Nissan LEAF and set a record for speed in reverse.

OMG, that plate holder up front is UGLY! Seems there will NOW be a new market for plate covers that match the paint and smooth that divit. Just like the center console product.

I wonder if the plate holder is removable?

It certainly looks like it is not permanent.

I also hope that plate holder is removable. In AZ, we don’t need front plates and that looks so aweful, yikes! Glad I got the nosecone….

I mean awful. I’m definitely not in “awe” of this plate holder!

What are ya’ gonna’ do? Many of us would need it – and it must be more difficult to put a plate holder on the original Model S nose?

I thought the original nose on the S was ugly.
That nose is even worse, regardless whether it has a plate holder.

I far prefer the original Model S front end, even without the uglification of that license plate holder.

But at least it looks better than the Model X front end.

Does Bjorn Nyland have a job? He seems to just drive Teslas around.