Bjorn Nyland On Why He Bought A Tesla Model S – Tesla World 2015 Video


Bjorn Nyland At Tesla World 2015

Bjorn Nyland At Tesla World 2015

Ever wonder why Bjorn Nyland decided to buy a Tesla? Well… wonder no more as Nyland himself tells all.

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“Bjorn Nyland on why he bought his Tesla Model S at Tesla World 2015.”

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If you are reading this Elon, I think that you should offer Bjorn a job at Tesla.
1 – He can program
2 – Speaks three languages at least
3 – Young
4 – loves the idea of EV and Tesla in particular
5 – He knows Europe well
6 – His wife will prefer the US over Bode where it is dark most of the year.
7 – He is humble
8 – Can take good videos
9 – A good public speaker
and maybe many more good things

“6 – His wife will prefer the US over Bode where it is dark most of the year.”

Has Bjørn moved from Oslo to Bodø? Even if he has, the total number of daylight hours each year is the same everywhere on Earth. Compared with most U.S. locations outside of Alaska, Bodø has fewer daylight hours during the winter months but more daylight hours during the summer months.

What his wife might miss is the warm Thai tropical climate, but she wouldn’t have that if Bjørn worked at the Tesla headquarters.

Dear Isbell,

I am not sure if you read the news in Norway or not, but today I read that they burn houses that asylum seeker might live in.

The do that in Sweden and Germany too. The next thing that will happen is that will burn the people too.

Bjoern and his wife do not look Scandinavian. He is very lucky that he made an international name for himself but racism is going to hit his wife and his kids. The US is a better place for you Bjoern, if you are reading this. I went through the same tough racism in Sweden and regret that I did not move to the US.

Don’t miss that chance Bjoern and don’t let the likes of Isbell destroy your future.

That is a very poor generalization which is simply not true. The US is one of the last places I’d go if I wanted to avoid racism. Other factors are important too: quality of life is one of the highest in Norway. What you say about burning refugee houses is a completely different topic. Bjorn is not a refugee; he is Norwegian and well integrated.

I’m guessing this is NOT the Bjorn Nyland speed skater from the 1984 winter olympics….

No. 🙂

I have learned a lot from Bjorn’s videos. He is a great ambassador for the Tesla brand.

One of the things that must have played a role in his decision is the Norway EV incentives. In the USA a Tesla costs 2x as much a say a BMW 528. In Norway the ratio is very different.

What am I missing. Bjorn tells all? “Well I was like 50/50. The Tesla, well, looks like a car but the other electric cars do not. So I ordered the Tesla. Then I went some places I usually don’t and it has a lot of space. It’s 15 meters long. Bigger than the BMW I used to have. ”
Wow what an amazingly complete, personal and unique rationalization of why to buy a car. If you are 5. I would be more impressed if he has chosen it because it was red.
I’m not usually this sarcastic but I have grown to expect a lot from EV and even more from Tesla. If this is it, this is a really poor and unimaginative effort. I don’t know who this guy is and don’t really care- even if this were Neil Armstrong endorsing the car, he would at least have given some rational thought behind the decision. “Buy this car because I am cool or famous or have a good looking wife!” Duh, OK!

Your tone is bitter…don’t fret model 3 is coming for lower income individuals that can’t buy a model s/x or are not credit worthy to borrow money…myself included LOL