Bjørn Nyland Takes First Look At Audi e-tron: Video

OCT 29 2018 BY MARK KANE 27

Audi e-tron seems like a very practical electric car.

Bjørn Nyland recently had his first opportunity to spend some time with the Audi e-tron. It was not yet a test drive, but a quick stationary overview and comparison to the Jaguar I-PACE and Tesla Model X (or even Tesla Model S).

First impressions are very positive as e-tron turns out to be a well-designed, solid EV. It’s large, spacious (besides the fast that the middle seat has compromised legroom), with a huge trunk (little too high of a loading height) and 2nd largest front trunk (after Tesla).

Audi did its homework with charging (DC up to 150 kW) and AC up to 22 kW (3-phase), as well as an optional additional AC charging inlet on the passenger side. The charging inlet also doesn’t have those cover caps. The e-tron still will fall short of the Tesla Supercharging network until IONITY and Electrify America expand networks, but the on-board charger is way more capable than in the case of I-PACE (7.4 kW).

Audi e-tron can tow a lot more than the I-PACE (750 kg), but slightly less than Tesla Model X (1,800 kg vs 2,250 kg). However, the e-tron can be equipped with roof racks. There is also an easy system to fold the back seats from the trunk or fold the middle seat for things like skis. Overall, the Tesla Model X seems to be more spacious inside though.

Audi brings a lot of features that Tesla lacks like a 3D view of the car, paddles for regenerative braking settings, optional cameras instead of side mirrors, illuminated seatbelt latches, headlight washers, seats with massage, etc. Navigation / infotainment is solid (though not as good as in the case of Tesla), with a cool keyboard on the lower touch screen for typing destination and an instrument cluster with navigation behind the wheel.

Surprisingly Bjørn noticed that materials in the e-tron could be better (here he gives the advantage to I-PACE and Tesla).

Overall, Audi e-tron wins the practicality award, but Bjørn will stick with Tesla as it has stronger performance (speed, acceleration), towing capability, space, Supercharging network and remains better fit for his driving profile.

Audi e-tron specs:

  • 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds or 0-100 km/h  in 5.7 seconds
  • Top speed – 124 mph
  • over 400 km (250 miles) expected under WLTP test cycle
  • 95 kWh battery (36 cell modules, each module is equipped with 12 pouch cells, nominal voltage of 396 volts)
  • battery pack weight: 700 kilograms (1543.2 lb)
  • dual-motor all-wheel drive – up to 300 kW and 664 Nm in S mode (boost) or up to 265 kW and 561 Nm in D mode. Front motor is 135 kW, the rear is 165 kW (S mode).
  • Maximum tow rating – 1,800 kg (4,000 pounds) when properly equipped
  • 9.6 kW on-board charger (240 V, 40 A) in U.S. and 11 kW or 22 kW three-phase in Europe
  • DC fast charging up to 150 kW: 0-80% in 30 minutes

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Well, Bjorn is a well known Tesla fan who will also get a Roadster from them. So take everything he says about other cars with a pinch of salt.
That said, I am glad he changed his opinion about the E-Tron as he was criticizing it a lot before he actually sat inside or drove it.
About the charging network, the CCS one will be more than sufficient in maximum one year thanks to Ionity, Electrify America and Charpoint both in the US and Europe. It will also be faster, with speeds between 150 and 350 kW.
I have seen the E-Tron and must say it is a great car but the Mercedes EQC seemed a lot nicer to me and also had a huge space inside.

I can’t speak to Europe, but Electrify America will never catch Tesla’s Supercharger network. And I do mean never. Their existing plans don’t even match what Tesla had 2 years ago, much less where they are heading.

Chargepoint doesn’t have any bearing on this conversation. Have you used their network? They are third-rate in every metric and in no way comparable to Superchargers, or even EA for that matter. My experience is all of the third-party networks in the US are absymal. I would never rely on them for any sort of road trip. It’s supercharger or nothing at this point.

He provides the best reviews of any EV in my opinion.

Another Euro point of view


I’ll say user review.

Audi views their EV program as a “compliance” strategy to support Audi’s core ICE line-up… that is why Audi’s EV program does not have the benefit of the organizational attention and $$$ resources needed to compete against a Tesla which by contrast is exclusively dedicated to EV… GM’s & Nissaan’s EV program (which are arguably the best of the traditional car makers) has already proven that point.

Likely it will be another 3-5 years before traditional car makers reposition their EV programs from a limited production compliance strategy to a program of making EVs a core production car.

History shows large well established companies generally don’t make core changes in direction until their business survival depends on it… and by then it’s often too late… a smaller more nimble competitor often is more capable of providing the next better thing.

Well, just today I was at the Jaguar dealership in my town (small, 80.000 people) and they had 8 I Paces only here, including one for test drives. If that doesn’t show commitment, I don’t know what can convince you, the non believers.

BEVfan said: “…I don’t know what can convince you…”

Pug-In Sales Scorecard…

the fast that (fact)

I’ll have to watch this video just to see if he talks about the absurd front grille for the non-existent radiator.

There is a radiator.

Right. Even an ICE only needs a very small opening for a radiator. Case in point – every car made in the 1980s or any Porsche. The grille on an Audi is mostly a styling element. Compare the B5 Audi A4 to the B7 Audi A4 to see the big change. It has nothing to do with electric vs ICE.

Porsche is rear engined.

Yes, there is if it has battery thermal management system. Maybe they just borrow it from ICE models to cut down cost. I really don’t care about how it looks so much as long as it’s effective, cost down approach and do no damage to drag coefficiency. For me practicality trumps shape! I want comfort and versatility. I want to look at pretty girls not cars.

Who cares if the car has a fake grill or not? This is such a non-issue. If you like the look, like the features, like the specs more than those of competitors, buy it. End of story.

Really nice car. Too bad it is made by what looks like criminal organization with CEO managing it from jail /s. Makes me reluctant to deal with them.

BTW did heard this in the video “Which again you don’t have in Tesla. Trululululu..”. They guy is daring to troll holy Tesla! What a lack of faith! He must be officially ostracized from the Church of Elon fanboys! /s

Another Euro point of view

He should indeed be careful 🙂

I disagree! That shows he is not a paid Tesla agent, which is good! This review is very authentic and truthful. A very good one as it’s edited, to the point, not wasting viewer time.

Why am I not surprised that Bjorn will stay with Tesla? He must get paid by them. Nice to not have a real job.

Whatever he owns, someone will call him a fanboi for. Most likely truth…Tesla IS best…for him.

Bjorn will stick with Tesla, BUT I WILL stick with Audi, Can-Am Spyder and Honda.

Bjorn has what few reviewers have which is real world baseline to compare from because he doe own and drive Tesla’s which do factually set the highest benchmark to judge others from.
All in all, good unbiased review, lot of stuff he would like to see in his Tesla’s from ither makers.

Looks like a pretty OK car. I agree with Bjørn that the Jaguar looks better (at least in the front, the rest of the e-tron looks good), since I’ve never been a fan of the huge grill that Audi has had the last few years. I would think they will make changes to their overall design in the next generation – so the electric and ICE models still looks similar – but maybe with a less dominant grill. .. but what do I know.. I like the interior, the seats, I’m also a fan of the camera system that is handy when parking in some weird places, and I love new modern LED matrix headlights, laser headlights and stuff they have in high end cars – and wish I had that in my Ford. It’s like being used to listening to a cheap stereo, and they use a really high end audio system for a while – and then go back to the cheap stereo.. you’re damaged for life.. you end up saving enough money to buy a new cheap car or three – and use in on a high end audio system. Good they didn’t have the Audi in… Read more »

I like the separate keyboard, massage functions, frunk with 3 layers of storage, charge ports on both sides,built in towing hook, 9.6kw onboard charger. I don’t like the rear seats not being able to be folded flat, navigation screen still too small but double locations are nice! Electronic mirror is actually hazardous, nothing beats optical ones and they are inexpensive effective too. 360 degree camera is a must. Is it active though during driving?

I don’t know how he can call the infotainment system and the tiny split screens acceptable, honestly. When I sat in one in SF I was shocked as to how bad it was, plus air conditioning was nearly useless

He really works hard against the impression to be a Tesla fanboy. Maybe a bit too much, imo. The faster charging rate may be a good point, but anyway you can charge the Tesla more quickly as it gets a higher range out of a smaller battery pack (X75). Even if the 250miles WLTP range is not reduced by optional side mirrors.