Bjorn Demonstrates Tesla Model S Driver’s Assist Features – Video


Speed limit warning is adjustable +/-

Speed limit warning is adjustable +/-

Demonstration of Driver Assist which includes speed limit display and warning, and lane departure warning. There are also other small improvements of the new car compared to the one year old P85.

Bjørn Nyland checks out a brand-new Tesla Model S with the latest Speed Limit & Lane Departure Warning features. We should note that this Tesla has the Autopilot feature, but it is not currently activated.

Before Bjørn checks out those new features, he shows us some of the improvements made to the Model S since it launched.  For example, he discusses changes made to the rear head rests, gear and turn signal levers, front trunk (frunk), etc.

Take a look at the video above and let us know what you think of these new features and improvements.

Have you taken delivery of a Model S recently? Does it have these new features? If so, tell us your take on these new add-ons.

If front camera is blocked, These two features will not work.

If front camera is blocked, These two features will not work.

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Am I missing something, or haven’t these features already been available in almost all cars I tested in the last year or two?

Yes. The new Teslas also have the autopilot feature but apparently it isn’t activated yet.

From the article: “We should note that this Tesla has the Autopilot feature, but it is not currently activated.”

You haven’t missed anything. Tesla are still catching up to traditional car manufacturers.

But there are fewer and fewer areas that they need to catch up in so soon they can start focusing on going beyond.

The only time I need the lane departure warning is when I cannot actually see the lane markings on the road. This is most evident in dense fog or more commonly, heavy rainfall, where the reflection of light off the surface water make it almost impossible to see any kind of road markings.

The lane departure system needs to be better than the human eye in order for it to be useful.

Shall we assume that you are a driver who is NEVER distracted? That you are a driver that will NEVER drive while tired? That you NEVER take your eyes off of the road to adjust your radio?

If so, then Lane Departure Warning system are not for you.

A BMW i3 equipped with a front-facing camera also reads speed limit signs and displays the current speed limit on the main display. Apparently, European i3’s also have a lane departure warning capability that for some reason isn’t enabled in U.S. versions. The current i3 software doesn’t seem to do anything with the speed limit that it has detected other than display it, unlike the Model S.

I like these driver assist features which is why I chose i3 options that would provide all available hardware hoping that future software updates will enable new features using this hardware. Unfortunately, i3 hardware does not include radar which is probably superior to a camera for object detection because it is not affected by bright sunlight, precipitation, or a dirty windshield as is the i3’s camera-based object detection.

Love how Tesla seemlessly reprograms the drivers digital instrument cluster to also act as a Heads Up Display for AutoPilot. Very slick. 🙂