Watch This Funky Electric Méhari Get High


The original one, not the new one

The  looks like a pretty fun car to drive and we’d like to see Bjorn Nyland take one for a spin sometime. In the meantime, our favorite Asian-Norwegian electric vehicle YouTuber has just the thing to tide us over: an adventure in an electrified version of the original plastic-bodied Méhari.

This French vehicle, which looks like the result of a night of forbidden passion shared by a Jeep and a Mini Moke, was produced by Citroën for 20 years, until 1988, in numbers in excess of 144,000. Now, an outfit called Eden-Cassis is converting some of those to electric, stripping out the gasoline-burning 602-CC (36.7 cubic-inch) two-cylinder lump in favor of a 15 kW (20.12 horsepower) electric motor. It uses a 10 kWh battery pack to supply the necessary go-juice. The Eden version keeps the 4-speed transmission to help make up for the underwhelming number of horses.

While the electrified Méhari is hardly a hot rod, it still boasts better performance than the dirty version. And, as Nyland demonstrates, it’s got all the grunt it needs to drive to the top of Europe’s highest seaside cliff, which located in the south of France. This specialty vehicle, which under French law doesn’t require a license to drive because of its low 80 KPH (50 miles-per-hour) top speed, is being offered for 24,000 Euro ($27,790 at today’s rates). Eden also offers a number of cool options to help you customize your ride.

If you haven’t already, go ahead and click play on the video above. It’s really a great episode, with lots of great scenery and you can tell Nyland really has fun exploring how to operate this unique vehicle. Enjoy!

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A BEV with gears?

It’s basically a conversion, so they keep the original gearbox. It lets them use a smaller motor, among other advantages, but you don’t shift much like a normal vehicle. Mostly, I think they would just keep it in 3rd.

Tesla tried to use gears in the first Tesla Roadster, but it didn’t work because it broke every time they tested it.

An EV with gears would make an EV more efficient (less kWh per mile).

Electric with gears, that’s how we used to build them.

NCAP rating of minus 5

Interesting thing is that VW had a 1974 car similar to this, called the Thing (though it wasn’t made of plastic). VW has talked about the possibility of making an electric Thing.

You can buy electric conversion kits for the original Thing.

I like this video

First car i drove (as a 10-year old in the garden) was a Dyane 6, the civilian version of this Mehari. If I remember the story correctly, my parents had as a wedding car a red Mehari 42 years ago.

There is citroen-garage close by that restores Meharis, all the spare parts are still manufactured. They told me they are not allowed (in Belgium) to make an EV out of it, it wouldn’t pass the test because of the illegal engine swap.

A popular car when I was a child, very nice and charming. It was very cheap to buy and run. This electric version is a good idea.

I wish I didn’t have a job too.