Bill Nye: James Bond’s Latest Ride Can’t Touch A Tesla, 007 Should Buy US

JAN 26 2016 BY JAY COLE 40

Bill Nye talks about the latest, and 24th installment, of the James Bond franchise “Spectre” in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

Bill Nye Gives His Thoughts On James Bond Going Electric To Rolling Stone

Bill Nye Gives His Thoughts On James Bond Going Electric To Rolling Stone

And in so doing he takes a moment to pit the abilities of the most recent British supercar to appear in the series (the Aston Martin DB10) against the likes of the pinnacle of EV performance, the Tesla Model S.

In fact, he takes it a bit further, stating that even his Nissan LEAF can take the DB10 off the line…that is for a very short amount of time (up to ~20mph or so).  Naturally, Bill gets into the “why” and “how” of the strong acceleration times of electric vehicles.

But what is the real reason Mr. Nye is talking up the Tesla so much?

“I want James Bond to have to get a US-made car!”

Hey, it’s science after all.

–Hat tip to offib!

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Talking Tesla Up? Perhaps he holds a significant position in stock…..0utside all of that, Tesla so far is a great car!

Tesla is an undeniably a great car. In my opinion, it’s the greatest car ever made. Ever.

Just because Bill Nye praises the Tesla Model S doesn’t mean he is doing it to improve his own financial position.

I wouldn’t be too sure about that. Rich people ESPECIALLY usually have an agenda…That’s the way I used to think …Until I woke Up!

I agree with you. The older I get, the more I realize that the wealthy are living a kind of double life.

Bill Nye is not wealthy, he lives in a modest neighborhood in southern California.

Such cynisism! Bond doesn’t drive hundreds of miles in one sitting in his car. He only drives few minutes for quick get away. Unless bad guys have Veryon, Tesla P90DL would be the best car.

James Bond inevitably destroys his cars. I think I would cry more for a wrecked Tesla than a wrecked Aston Martin.


I think it would be interesting to see the car destroyed to the point where the only things left are the steering column, skateboard frame with a front seat attached, and the necessary electronics, and bond still in the seat driving it.

That would be a cool scene, I think.

They Veyron can’t exactly go around bends, so in a suburb or town, that electric Ford Ka or 2cv from for your eyes only could take on a dull Veyron.

It is! “the Best Car” But it doesn’t hurt throwing in a little plug , for what ever reason ..I WOULD PROMOTE THE CAR FOR FREE BECAUSE I LIKE IT ….Most people don’t do things for free.&&&..Not to be Cynical, I say that, because, it is usually the the way things work..

After about fifteen minutes of exciting car chases, the motor would overheat, the car would slow, and James would be captured and shot. Makes for a short movie.

Tesla’s software prevents overheating.

By the way, what the **** is your problem?

He did it again !! Blasphemy ! Blasphemy ! 😉 🙂

Which bond move has bond in car chase for 15 minutes? Besides, overheat? Tesla isn’t 1960 VW beetle.

Do you really think it can last 15minutes under heavy use? l o l Austin Martin …A Beautiful POS…

Dude, movie car chases are filmed at 35 MPH. The director just slows down the camera to speed up the action to whatever speed they want to simulate.

Also, there aren’t a lot of directors using 15 minute long takes.

BTW, Three Oil Companies, Three Electrics, just what is the reason for your poorly-hidden agenda of continually posting Tesla-bashing FUD here? I’ve seen you *gasp* actually make positive remarks about EVs in general; it’s only Tesla you unfairly denigrate. Did Elon run over your cat or something?

Yeah because Bond movies are always all about technical accuracy.

Your brain overheat of jealousy of Tesla

@three electrics
You obviously know nothing and you have no experience with the Tesla.
Every car manufacturer in the future will have an electric-only car in 20years.
Every so called ‘high end’ manufacturer will feature their e-only car as their fastest car.
It’s inevitable.

Love to see Tesla in Drive Club or other games. Mainstream exposure is needed, often surprised how many people are unaware of EVs


Continuum genius a Netflix series drives a Tesla.

I remember the AMC Hornet that did the Astro Flip in “The Man with the Golden Gun.” Granted, it wasn’t issued by Q. Watching the bad guy’s massive Matador Coupe trying to take sharp turns almost breaks the laws of physics.

Oh the power of product placement. The Lotus Esprit got into the films after the manufacturer parked one at the entrance to Pinewood Studios to get some attention. We all know how that ended… Elon now owns the submarine prop version from the movie. I’m sure it ran on batteries for the underwater scenes.

Good on Nye. 🙂

Maybe Fast & Furious 8 will feature BEVs? 😉

It isn’t like ICE abilities aren’t getting “air brushed” with CGI, in those films.

Most film and FX Elements are digital and art directed using expensive Compositing Packages like ‘Nuke’.

But in general, people today say “Photoshopped” as a verb– instead of air brushed. 😉

That look on her face when he said he liked Spectre. Why da *** u lyin?

Tesla motors can make elelctric Roadster with 800hp 0-60mph in 2 sec for Bond. But car without sound in movie.

A clever writer could use the lack of noise in an EV Supercar, as part of a plot point… *shrugs*

“From Russia with love” – to my knowledge only Russians have tried to replicate Tesla Nikola’s Wardenclyffe tower for wireless energy transmission. Hence, Mr Bond should have a Tesla when visiting Russia.

You can’t get a Tesla in Russia very easily. I think the only place in the world that is harder is Texas.

And Michigan.

Doesn’t look too hard to get one in Texas according to registration numbers…

Only because they cannot prevent their residents from buying out-of-state and registering their Teslas in TX.

DB10 with a Tesla drivetrain would make a great Bond car. Until that happens, my favorite will continue to be that amphibious Lotus Esprit S1.

Bond drives what ever car maker is the highest bidder for the movie. If Tesla wants Bond to drive a Tesla, they will have to write a check.

New vehicles in movies are all now in-show product placement (advertisements).

Seems obvious to me Bond needs a Model X with rocket pods on the tips of its falcon wings.

Maybe a Gattling in the frunk to boot.

Might have to dig Roger Moore out of mothballs for that sort of cornball action.

Chase scene with 2 Hyperloop modules at 750 MPH.

So, apparently the gauntlet has been thrown down…

Elon Musk, a known fan of James Bond must now build a car worthy of being driven by James Bond.

How long will this take with the proper motivation?