Bill Gates Heads Up Multi-Billion Dollar Clean Energy Fund



Bill Gates, Image Credit: Addicted2Success

Bill Gates is concerned about climate change. He’s not the only one, but he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is and do something about it. Gates is also bringing his billionaire buddies along for the ride. Actually, about two dozen of them. When you are worth nearly $100 billion, you tend to roll with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and business gurus.

Breakthrough Energy Coalition, Image Credit: EnergyPost

Breakthrough Energy Ventures Coalition, Image Credit: EnergyPost

Gates founded the Breakthrough Energy Ventures Coalition (BEV) just a year ago. He launched the project in parallel to the U.N. climate change summit, held in Paris last December. The countries at the summit all agreed to double “clean energy” budgets by 2020. Gates’ new fund, estimated at over one billion dollars, is all part of the BEV’s efforts.

Who’s on the Breakthrough Energy Ventures Coalition dream team? 

*(Some of which attended Donald Trump’s exclusive tech summit this week in New York)

  • Richard Branson – Virgin Group founder
  • Jeff Bezos – CEO Amazon
  • John Doerr – Chairman of Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, & Byers
  • Jack Ma – Alibaba founder
  • John Arnold – Energy hedge fund manager (Centaurus Energy Advisors)
  • Hasso Plattner – SAP SE software co-founder
  • Mark Zuckerberg – CEO Facebook
  • Reid Hoffman – LinkedIn co-founder

There are about 15 others of equal status involved with the group. Gates shared:

“I am honored to work along with these investors to build on the powerful foundation of public investment in basic research. Our goal is to build companies that will help deliver the next generation of reliable, affordable, and emissions-free energy to the world.”

The fund will work to help the smallest start-ups at the earliest stages, as well as fully-established companies working toward cleaner energy.

The coalition already has a guide of goals toward a zero-emission planet, and is openly sharing it with potential investors. The BEV realizes that this is all a long-term investment, with little chance of immediate financial gains (the gains are in a clean, sustainable planet).

For this reason, part of the process includes a team of partners and researchers with scientific background, to assess the companies with the “best energy technology” and the greatest possibility of “long-term success”. The monies will have a lifespan of 20 years.

Source: Fortune

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1 billion over 20 years ?..

It’s the second good laugh I’ve had today.
The first was brought by this

You scoff, and I’m no investment savant, but I’ll bet the effort is more nuanced than you suggested. I trust that Bill Gates is not making a token effort for publicity reasons. He seems to know how to grow companies and initiatives. I’ll bet those other billionaires know what they are doing too.

the breakthrough energy coalition is definitely stating a wish list more than a credible action plan: they state an interest in clean energy generation; energy efficient building construction (such as passivhaus); a wide range of transportation technologies including battery and fuel cell; sustainable agriculture, and so forth.

that said, while the objectives of this coalition are more science fiction, at present, there is a need to establish a “dream”, a new narrative if you will, to get people to think in terms of a future that is different from the present.

one problem with all of this is that it is easy for politicians, who take money from established interests, to get people to think in the short term. the US, for example, has become such a me-me-my-my culture that you can’t even get the baby boom generation to think about the future of the millennial generation, let alone think of generations yet to be born. it seems that people today are thinking only of what helps them, and if it creates problems for future generations, then those future generations can figure out how to solve the problems.

I’m afraid I can’t take anything seriously when written by someone who thinks capital letters are irrelevant.

“The fund will work to help the smallest start-ups at the earliest stages, as well as fully-established companies working toward cleaner energy.”

$50 millions per year will fund a lot of small startups initially!

We need $50 billion per year for start ups in general. You can not start a company without money and you are not going to get it from a bank. This is THE largest impedance to creating new jobs.

Give it all to Tesla today problem solved.

Here’s the website. Has a lot more info.

From the linked website, and with regard to transportation, they don’t seem to challenge current BEV developments, but will focus on other areas.

Here is the quote: “We need to finish the job with the light fleet while finding cheap, low-emission solutions for long-haul trucking, airline travel, and other modes of transportation that are more difficult to decarbonize.”

the portfolio is more of a “wish list” than anything that i would consider to be practical, but, when it comes to transportation, they are interested in investing in both battery and fuel cell technologies. when it comes to batteries, their objective is to achieve battery vehicles that “approach” the cost, range, performance and refueling time of gasoline vehicles. it’s a rather obvious statement – what they are saying is that for battery vehicles to achieve commercial success, they have to appeal to more than the “techie” and EV enthusiast niches.

Maybe if they applied what they know about Density, Buoyancy, Air Pressure, Potential Energy and Gravity in one process they’d discover the clean energy they’re looking for.


Imagine we had all the clean, cheap energy we wanted. We could convert all the remaining resources on the planet to stuff. That would solve our problems. 🙁

Higher mpg’s, more clean power, doesn’t mean more Lego’s.

Yeah. We can quit anytime.

I’ll believe that when I see the first person become a billionaire by convincing people to buy less. 🙂

That’s a bit defeatist, Elon Musk made his first billions in PayPal a system designed for eBay which diverts millions of tons of rubbish from land fill every year. The internet is one massive resource saving monster that churns out millionaires by the dozen. IMO The big challenge over the next 20 years is how we spread and maintain the wealth not how we reduce consumption.

“The internet is one massive resource saving monster”

I tried to find a single source showing a pause in global, per capita, resource or energy consumption. No luck. I tried the same for energy consumption. All show continued growth in both energy and resource use. If you have any links supporting your contention, I’d like to read them.

I think he means ebay saves resources by having people trade junk instead of trashing it. My cable modem is 10 years older since I purchased it for $6 and $6 shipping. But I’ve saved almost $1000 on modem rental. Im sure this came from DOCSYS 1.0 modems the cable companies just threw out but junk brokers resold them in stead of scrapping this obviously perfectly good product.

As far as Mr. Gates goes, I distrust anyone of whom I’ve heard with my own ears say;

“The way to cure the over-population problem in Africa is to administer my Vaccine Program”, of course, to laudatory applause.

I’m underwhelmed by his overpriced, ‘resource-intensive’, buggy operating systems so that is why I’ve tried to minimize my $ to Microsoft.

Method of indefinite accumulation and the industrial production of electricity from alternative sources…

Fast reactors burning 700,000 tons of depleted uranium would provide carbon free power for hundreds of years.

Even if you could get people to accept it, that addresses our obsessive consumption how?

We can address consumption in many ways. Waste heat from power plants can be used as process heat, but seldom IS.

Since our entire economic system is predicated on not just sustaining, but increasing it every quarter until the end of time, how do we do that exactly?

Remember, we once said we’d rather be dead than Red, and were prepared to end all life rather than give up our system. What do you think could change that stance? Do you think anyone in government, or business is prepared to say our needs as a nation may be different than those of capitalism?

We could burn fossil fuels like there is no tomorrow, then at the end there will be NO tomorrow.

Or we could plan ahead with efficiency, renewable energy and fast neutron reactors.

Consider this God’s intelligence test, pass it or die.

We deny extinction, just as we deny death. Consider this nature’s intelligence test. We only imagine we can pass.

Hey big brother:
I forgot you where 1st today, we’ll make you 1st tomorrow.

Back on track next week,
Much love Sonya

IIRC there were already critical opinions about what Gates foundation is doing to “help” people in Africa. IIRC several times it was more like a human medicine tests than real medical help with well-tested medicine…


“critical opinions”

whose opinions? Medical professional or some bloggers? Are those people among the so called anti-vac community?

Send the billion to Tesla as a Christmas present. Problem solved.