Bill Gates Drives A Tesla Model X – Video Interview With “Seveneves” Author Neal Stephenson


A Big No-No---Eating In A Tesla? Is That Ever Okay?

A Big No-No—Eating In A Tesla? Is That Ever Okay?

Gates' Blue Model X

Gates’ Blue Model X

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates conducted an in-car interview with sci-fi writer Neal Stephenson.

The focus of the interview was Stephenson’s hit novel “Seveneves.” According to Wikipedia, Seveneves is…

“a speculative fiction novel by Neal Stephenson, published in 2015. The story tells of the efforts to preserve human society in the wake of apocalyptic events on Earth, following the disintegration of the Moon.”

If the book interests you, then you can purchase it here.

The reason why this video interview by Gates is on our radar is because Gates is driving his Deep Blue Metallica Tesla Model X.

As Teslarati points out:

“The interview was recorded in virtual-reality for his GatesNotes blog, and sees Gates having a casual conversation with the book’s author about destruction on Earth and human survival in space.”

“At one point in the video we see Gates pulling into a local burger joint, while a white Model S passes by, and ordering a “combo 2 with medium diet Coke”.”

“Here you have one of the world’s most renown entrepreneur/philanthropist with a net worth of near 80 billion dollars, three times the market cap of Tesla (TSLA), ordering fast food while talking science fiction with a buddy.”

Gates is that kinda guy though. One of the richest men in the world, yet truly a down-to-earth guy.

Check out the VR interview video by clicking here.

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This shows just how strong the Tesla brand is, I mean he could drive a several million dollar car if he wanted

From the vanity license plate, it’s clearly Stephenson’s car.

Agreed! Clearly reads “7 EVES”

It’s the author’s car – I live nearby and recognize one of my fave burger joints, and – of course the floating bridge over Lake Washington. This isn’t far from Gate’s house. A detailed eye spots the grey metallic Porsche 959 next to the Tesla X as he pulls out…You can bet Gates isn’t leaving THAT sitting in a door- ding magnet drive-thru. BurgerMaster has car hops that bring your food to your car outside – so it’s funny he goes into the place to order. The Porsche 959 is EXTREMELY RARE and cost them $500,000/ea. to produce in the eighties. They originally sold for $250,000 in the U.S. but only 345 were ever made. News stories in Seattle back in the nineties of how Gates had that very 959 trapped in customs because it wasn’t U.S. street legal and needed $100,000 in modifications before they would hand it over! – So yeah, this VR video would be cooler if I had a VR rig to watch it with – but notice all the planned videography like the sword fight and guys in boots crossing the road. All set up – not random shots. Still, an interesting video. Gates… Read more »

Gates will do a Partnership with Musk…

You can have any car in the world, and you choose a Tesla Model X.

Sounds about right. 🙂

Nope…Read my post above. If you’re the richest man in the world, you drive a Porsche 959, one of the rarest cars in the world. Notice Gates’ grey metallic 959 parked at the burger joint next to the Tesla as they pull out.

The X belongs to the author. The 959 would NOT be left sitting at the burger joint unprotected. It’s one of the most infamous Porsches ever sold. Gates bought it but the U.S. government held it in storage at the port of San Francisco FOR THIRTEEN YEARS and he couldn’t have it until U.S. laws were changed.

Google – “Gates’ Porsche 959” or see it here, halfway down the page –

The car is worth $millions.

Gates might buy the Tesla X for his wife’s grocery-getter, assuming they buy their own groceries…

Given a choice between 959 and X, I’d take the X and modify falcon doors to regular doors. Car is meant to be driven, not parked and stared at.

Gates is a Cheap Skate!

Drive A Porsche or all of the exotics Gates wishes to Drive & Buy a Few companies if he wants to As Well!……It doesn’t make it Better Because it costs More …


Regarding eating in a Tesla, I’m sure my family will commit every tidiness crime imaginable in our Model 3. We have two toddlers, so trying to keep things immaculate will not be practical.

Blast! He totally spoiled the first sentence of the novel. There’s no point in reading it now. 🙂

“Eating In A Tesla? Is That Ever Okay?”

All the more reason why SparkEV is superior to Tesla. Eating in the car is not only ok, but there’s something wrong if you don’t find taco bits and dog hair in crevices along with dog slobber stains on door plastics.

You’re making me want to go vacuum out my i-MiEV right now.


This video is filled with inside jokes. In the Burgermaster parking lot you can see Bill’s old Porsche. That Burgermaster itself is famous in Microsoft lore. Legend has it that “Burgermaster” was used as a variable name in old Microsoft code.

Bill Gates driving to a burger joint reminds me of this Family Guy episode. I always laugh at the 1:38 mark when Bill Gates says “What’s a quarter?”

“Gates is that kinda guy though. One of the richest men in the world, yet truly a down-to-earth guy.”

down to earth to buy a $130K Model X that GM CEO calls “elitist”…

LOL. Sounds fitting, no?

He got the Tesla wondering how come the software is not doing updates every day and without notice. Smart

Really guys? The lies and half truths in this piece are just oozing left and right. I am glad you have not concluded that Gates represents a middle class.

Give him some stock advice! He’ll be middle class soon enough.

The trick to making a small fortune shorting Tesla: start with a large one. ?

What ever happened to Gates big Nuclear Idea??

Wasn’t he funding a big energy project?

I think it went the way of the water-less toilet. Down the drain.

SciFi writers Alan Dean Foster and George R.R. Martin also drive a Tesla, albeit “only” a Model S.

(Yes, George used to be more successful as a SciFi writer before Game of Thrones)

Typical of billionaires. When their time on Earth is nearing its end they focus on the world ending. Of course eventually they will be right.